Bruff's Bark Blog: August 2013

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Training Time and Introductions!

Training is a great part of a dog's life, but it doesn't mean it has to be boring! Here to show off first is Otto - a puppy Bloodhound with a strong nose, especially for treats!

Next up we have Kari, this wee Border Terrier is full of beans and willing to please! She is quick to learn and shows off as she speeds through the training course with her brother and mum! It's easy to see the bond between her and her brother and amazing to watch them together in action!

Next we shall introduce, Oscar the puppy bulldog! He can be quite stubborn to get moving but once he starts he never wants to stop! But you can't stop to aww when you see him!

And finally we have: Bertie the young Beagle! He's just like all Beagles and has his nose in everything but he'll soon learn of more fun things to do!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scout, Scout, lovable Scout...

He's soft and cuddly, and smiles alot!
Yes that happy looking dog there is Scout, a puppy Labrador, who has spent the last week staying with the girls - Rhu and Skye. At first he was a bit weary of the girls but then he settled in like the rest of them and ended up treating Skye as mum - Rhu on acted like an aunt, sometimes.

So here's a video of Rhu, Skye, Scout, Buster and Cara all playing together and with the new equipment we have got: a tunnel and hoop jump!

And after all the fun he's been having with the girls and new friends, Scout finally decided to get a good night's rest!

Goodbye Poppy

Poppy and Skye.

It comes with sadness to announce that Poppy, a Jack Russell of a ripe age of 17 years old, passed away on 6th August. She was a cousin to Rhu and Skye and will be greatly missed. The photo above is from when Skye stayed over with Poppy in Ayr.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Summer is ending...

And the kids are back to school but we'd like to give a big thank and shout out to Paul and Lauren for their help over the summer, they were a giant help and all the dogs will miss them. We would definitely have them back in a flash but we wish them all the best in the next term of school!
So now it's back to the hard work and we have some good news: we have a significant number of new dogs joining the Bruff's Bark Band and all new equipment for training! 
So keep your eyes peeled for them in the coming weeks!

But as a little preview, here's one of them: Oscar the puppy Bulldog with big Buster!

And finally here a short video of cute coupling playing: Merlin and Cara!

Merlin looking good in his Bruff's Bark Bandana!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dogs of Europe!

As you may have noticed I - Tom - was away for 2 weeks on holiday around Europe. Whilst away I couldn't help but getting a few snaps of various dogs I saw, so here is a barrage of furry faces from various countries with help of the Bruff's Bark Mascot!

Lunch from Milan.

View from hostel in Venice.

Guard dog in Venice.

Competition in Venice!

Chi the hostel dog!

St. Mark's Square.

Gondola ride.

Lido beach.

Drinks at Lake Garda.

Chi after our walk - away on holiday and I'm still walking them!


Time for a prayer.
Only just arrived in Prague.

Guard dog of the Gastro Museum.

View over Charles Bridge in Prague.

Prague in the afternoon.

View from the hostel in Budapest,

Rolling in the money!

Drinks in Budapest.

Boat ride past the Hungarian Parliament building.

Hunting at Budapest Palace.

Afternoon view of Budapest.

Pugs, Pugs and Pugs in Berlin!

More furry friends!

Elephants in Berlin Zoo.

Close encounter with some goats in Berlin Zoo!

Amsterdam's Museum Square.