Bruff's Bark Blog: March 2012

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Woody & Ollie Come to Stay

This weekend I had two new boys! Two labs, Woody (4 years old) and Ollie (2 years old).

They are great lads, the girls were very taken with them as you can see. Rhu and Skye accepted the boys into their home, shared beds, food and their mummy.

I worked with these doggies to make their mummy and daddy's life a bit easier. Walking on the path, recall exercises, learning new commands... and in two days we could see an improvement, clever doggies! And here was their reward!


Rhu and Skye only met them on a Friday afternoon and at the end of their stay when they got picked up on a Sunday afternoon the girls were pinning!

More From the Wee Men

The other day I had my two favourite wee men in the house, Henry and Winston. Henry is only going to be here for a wee bit longer as his mummy and daddy are going back to Dublin to live. I will miss this wee ball of fun.

Winston, Henry, Rhu and Skye all play, eat and sleep together. I know the girls will be very upset when Mr Henry goes - he has become part of the Bruffs entourage.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beautiful Bouncing Buster

Buster is a big fun loving lad. He enjoys a play with Rhu and Skye, although he does get bullied by them! They see him as the naughty younger brother - he's always up for a play and stealing the girls toys but he never gets very far.

Buster is still hard work on the lead, but Rhu and Skye often come to the rescue. The girls move into position and keep him walking well heel where ever we are going.

Buster is such a good natured dog for all his brute power, he gets on with all dogs, even teeny tiny Winston.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Bring It Jack!

Jack has been a wonderful student. Listening, understanding, coping and being amazing :) 

I have the same words/commands for all my dogs. It makes it easier when we all go out for a play.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ah Ha! Wee Men

Mr Winston and Henry are about the same size, small and mighty. Although they were playing and having heaps of fun they still waited and came when called. It is very important to be able to get your dog's attention even when they are having a great time.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Gang Out Again

Once again my girls were out and playing and working with doggies. Most of the time they do their own thing.

I really enjoy taking Rhu and Skye out with new and regular dogs, it is great seeing them make new friends. They always make me laugh and smile. They do the work for no real return except food, cuddles and a lot of love.

Proud Parents - Abbey and Wilf

I was really happy and excited to get Abbey and Wilf back on a regular schedule. Abbey, although young herself has had puppies. Wilf is the daddy and both have coped very well.

It was an 'oops' moment for all concerned, but all the pups are well, happy and very healthy - and all have new homes!

Buster and Winston - Dance partners!

Buster was out and about making friends and learning that he is MUCH bigger than Mr Winston.

Watching Buster try not to step or run over Winston is like watching a bad Strictly Come Dancing episode. All feet, shoulders all over the place and no balance or rhythm - Bruno would not be impressed!

Run Wee Men! Run!

Now as I have different dogs I like to mix it up - but only if I know the dogs will work together and play together.

This week has been great for doing the mix up. Mr Winston was out and about causing trouble and laughter with his new friend Henry.

A new addition to the fold - Meet Henry!

The last week has been quite fun. I have a new doggie and more returning doggies. Henry is a year old patterdale fox terrier mix.

He was great fun for Skye, she has Winston as a wee pal but now she has Henry too! Henry came to play on Tuesday morning and left in the evening and Skye was pooped.

Rhu was - well - Rhu. "You are in my home - behave and don't bother me!"

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This is Benson! He is a beautiful chocolate Lab I've been helping rehome. He has a fantastic demeanour and pays such good attention. I adore him and I just wanted to show him to you all.