Bruff's Bark Blog: June 2016

Monday, 13 June 2016

Cleaver boy!

This big boy is Harley, he was a member of the Bruffs Bark Band Agility Team.
He was 1 of the first pups to take on the 6ft ramp and the seesaw.
He is now taking part in all kinds of fun Agility Competitions, and by the looks of it doing really well.

Mega woof wall!

Even when clients are not in Edinburgh they always are thinking of me and my love of dogs!

Message for All Clients

You should have received a letter about Hilary's upcoming Holiday Dates, but just as a reminder. Here are the following holiday dates.

  • 21st June - 25th June 2016
  • 29th June - 3rd July 2016
  • 30th July - 7th August 2016

The rest of Bruff's Bark's Staff will still be available to during these dates, so please get in touch with them for any information.