Bruff's Bark Blog: July 2012

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Lady Tara

This lady is a local girl called Tara. She lives round the corner and is a great girl, a bit older than my usual charges, but just as fun and mischievous. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Wee Man Baxter & Big Boy Moby

Moby has come on leaps and bounds, he loves a good play. I have been taking him to different places and so he has been making new friends, smelling new smells and walking different streets. Taking dogs out of their comfort zone (their territory) can change their behaviour - if they trust you they'll understand it's a good thing and enjoy themselves.

It does help when you have a dog that is set in a walk and as behaviour on that walk is to change. Moby has learnt that behaving well gets treats and praise. He also has learnt that naughty behaviour gets him put on the lead and taken away from him friends or whatever he was interested in. Moby has become more relaxed, not as defensive on walks and this is due to exposing him to different situations and environments. Getting him to make friends properly with other dogs has been a success story I'm really enjoying and Moby and Baxter here get on so well.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

We Have a Wizard!

Merlin is a high energy, full of mischief pup. He's a nine month old shih tzu and he has some naughty habits. He liked being mean to other dogs, he was naughty on his lead and he didn't listen to his mum and dad.

Tom and I have been working with Merlin for the last three weeks and the difference is amazing. He greets dogs now in the correct way, he listens to his mum and dad, and he loves playing with other dogs. Once Merlin realised that he was safe and understood the rules of the Bruffs Bark Band he has joined in really well.

Big Bad Bodie

This young man Bodie (a two year old lab) came for a week's holiday and as you can see he put it to good use.

He had a fabby time with the girls, sleeping in their beds, playing with their toys and eating all his food.

Having a doggie who loves running is great because Skye loves to run and chase. Where as Rhu lives to relax and mooch with her new pal.

Cheeky Charlie

This six month old wee ball of fluff was a real treat. Charlie was driving his mum, dad and sisters mad with his naughty barking. Barking at himself sometimes!

By getting this little man out and about and making friends with other doggies it has helped his barking and social skills. The main hurdle that we overcame was enabling his mum and sisters to make him listen and control the barking.

Now this little man is a pleasure to walk as his mum has him under control and it allows her to chat with people and not have to worry about Charlie acting up and being naughty.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Wee Family Have Gone Home

The wee family have gone home as of Tuesday. I am missing them very much but at the same time, I do walk them everyday Simon's working. I just wanted to post another couple photos of Eigg that I took whilst she was dozing on my armchair. She's so cute!

Bath Time!

Washing a dog can be a big task and I don't do it for everyone but Wilf has complete trust in me and his long matted hair has been in much need of a wash. However when drawing a bath for him Abbey and Eigg were very inquisitive as to what was going on so I gave wee Eigg a bath first. She stood still and was wonderfully patient about it. It's probably her first bath and she definitely enjoyed the wash and the attention

When it came time for Wilf's turn he was very obliging and the dirt that came out of his hair was... well, there was A LOT. But he stood there and took it like a man! In the end he was a much happier cleaner gentleman. Giving your dog a wash is all about presenting it to them as an enjoyable experience.

I draw a shallow bath of warm water so they have something nice to stand in and then I wash them with the shower head (Wilf got a shampoo but Eigg didn't as she's still very young and not that dirty). Reassuring them with my voice keeps them calm and as long as you don't get stressed or annoyed your dog should go along happily with a bath.

Eigg Has a Voice

Wee Eigg has really found her voice - she is barking at Skye in this video because she wanted to play with her but Skye wanted to play with Abbey instead. Skye has known Abbey since she was not much older than Eigg so they are best pals. Eventually Skye consented and and let Eigg chase her around the pitch. Rhu meanwhile was off eating grass and hoping I wouldn't notice.

Wet Weather Returns!

No matter the weather - rain, wind or even hail (I wouldn't say it's impossible in June in Edinburgh!) I will give my charges a walk and a play. So when the weather turned on us again this week I took my two out with Buster and the wee family and we had the spectacular debut of Batgirl - the wonder dog! Eigg is sporting the new bat jacket I had Winston in last week and she looked brilliant in it.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sunny Day Out with Wee Family

The weather has been changing all week, one minute sunny, the next it's pouring. Fortunately I managed an afternoon out with the wee family, my two, Winston and Oscar. Everybody had fun, enjoying the sun, playing with their toys and having a good run.

Wee Family Comes For a Stay

This past week I have had the wee family of Wilf, Abbey and Eigg come stay with me while their daddy Simon has been away on holiday. They have been absolutely fabulous for their stay and its been a real pleasure having them as house guests. Boarding is a service I offer and we are very flexible with times and dates and my girls Rhu and Skye are very welcoming... but... the golden rule is that all doggies get along - and as you can see my Bruffs Bark pack has been a happy one! They're not always on my bed mind you - everybody has their own bed - but the sun bathing is best on mine.

Skye has been really great with Eigg this week - they always got on and Skye looks after all of her pals but having a puppy like Eigg puppy who is naturally sweet and curious has brought out a beautiful gentle side in Skye. Rhu doesn't get too involved with our guests but Skye loves friends staying over.

I have captured some great shots of the wee family and my two this past week. This one Wilf and Abbey is very sweet - it is rare for two dogs who have produced a litter to get to stay together but you can see here that there is genuine affection in the wee family.