Bruff's Bark Blog: June 2014

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Puppy Power!

We have a big selection of pups in the Bruff's Bark Band so it's time to show some of them off in the style they all love: having fun!

We'll start off with a little man with loads of energy and a face to make you awe, here's Frank in his new career path as security!

Don't start trouble with this one!

Next up, some action with Midget and Alfie - still young and proud - then big boy Buster with Frank and Bradley - who could be confused for a little lamb!

Finally we've had another one staying at Hotel Bruff, this time it's Rudi! He's been with us since he allowed out the house and he's still the happy man we've always known!

Posing with Skye
But other than just chilling with the Girls, he's also been meeting new friends so here's a new face of the Band it's Travis, he maybe be young but he's becoming friends with all and doing amazingly at Training!

These two were inseparable!
Finally when it comes to the end of the play, everyone needs a good nap and Rudi is no exception to the rule, he tries to fight sleep but the wee man enjoys it's a bit too much.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Time for a Close Up!

The weather has some times proved too much for our Bruff's Bark Members but it also provides the perfect time for some photo opportunities!

Starting from the top left, we've got the poser Bertie, then we've got two newer members: Guanche and (Mr) Bradley showing some good smiles!

Then we've got Rudi having a good nap after a good time playing in the sun, next up is Maggie showing her fierce face - real model material there!
Following is Kari and Merlin & Daphne all chilling in the good weather.
Finally the last two, the heat has proved too much for Oscar then it's Rhu as per usual enjoying not doing much!

Then it's time for our big boy with loads of joy, it's Red! He may be big, full of beans but this boy is just a super-sized pup, wanting to play, meet new friends and a gentle giant at heart!

Finally after 2 weeks with the Girls, Bertie is finally back home to enjoy some peace and quiet. He's never stopped, from meeting other members and going to new places, he'll need a holiday to recover! 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Summer Lovin'

The weather has given us the best of tropics recently from the glorious sunshine to absolute downpours but we can't complain there is still some sun!

So we'll start off with some photos of all our lovely dogs in all weathers!

From Top Left: Floyd, Scarlett, Yogi, Boomer, Bonnie + Chloe and Ruby

Here we have some action with Hilary and Poppy!

Oscar down at Gypsy Brae.

Jack looking for horses at Blackhall.
Next up, we have another guest at 'Hotel Bruff', this time it's Bertie! This cheeky chap has been before but he's here for two week this time!

Breaking all the rules and eating whilst on the furniture!
Nothing happened here, honest!
Quality time with Skye.
Here's Skye and Bertie having a good old play in the house.

Finally we have a surprise visit from a boy who makes everyone laugh and is a friend to all, it's Oscar!

The Girls have missed him a lot!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Another Young Face!

Yes! We have another young pup to join the Bruff's Bark Band, this time it's a little girl by the name of Tess! She is just a little bundle of furry joy who is starting to come out of her shell thanks to the fun with other Band members.

Here's a little video of her to introduce and see her in action with the like of Maggie and Frank!

Next up is a clip of both Frank and Red in action at a recent training session, they are both quite new to the training but they are proving themselves are getting through it will ease!

And to round up lets have a little view of what's happening in the house with Rhu, Skye and Cara.