Bruff's Bark Blog: February 2013

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Betty stays over!

Betty, our puppy rottweiler is growing up fast and full of energy, she is best of friends with Bailey and Scarlett as you can see from the video below:-

But recently she has spent the weekend staying over with Rhu and Skye - and having a blast! Skye - per usual - has acted like a mother towards her, whilst Rhu an aunt. From the video and photos you will see the fun and chaos they had together.


Finally not to forget during the weeks of fun,we have our wizard Merlin! He now over a years old and feisty as ever; though after a good game of tug of war he loves nothing other than a little lie down to rest.

Also you may have noticed we've added another tab labelled "Staff Holidays", this is just to share dates of when staff are on holiday, but don't worry as we'll still be available for walks and plays during these as we have extra hands to help out!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fun in the Sun

Over the past few days we've had some sun finally! Although it's not looking to last - per usual -, we've had some fun whilst we can.

Jack having a good soak in the sun.

Here we have Skye and Buster enjoying the beach with the good weather and getting soaked at the same time!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Save City Park

As you know, this park was once used by us regularly as a safe enclosed area where we could do training and have fun with the Bruff's Bark Band. Historically it was the football grounds for Spartans FC, but it was also great green area in the midst of the city. Recently it has been proposed that it will be used for housing development - in an already crowded area.

It has been a few months since any construction looked to be under way; the park now looks like a war has taken place in it, as there is debris left all over from the old football barrier - which seems to be destroyed for no reason - to general rubbish and tire marks. Thus making the area unsafe and unwelcoming.

Save City Park is an action group put together to help propose the idea that City Park should be saved and returned to it's former glory as a recreational area. There is an online petition, flyers and template letters to be sent to councillors and MSP's; in the hope that minds will change it the area to be saved.

Please help us spread the word of Save City Park, as this is an essential area for everyone in the area and for the shrinking green areas in Edinburgh.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Busy Busy Busy

It's been one of those weeks, fun without much sun.

Firstly we've had this lovely boy staying over with the girls for the week:

Bodie the cheeky lad!

He just loves to play fetch and meet other dogs, but also sneak into bed with Skye! Don't they look so happy together!

Skye and Winston have had some adventures down at Granton Harbour, where they just love to run and have some fun in the cold waters!

Betty has started to show her true nature and putting up a good fight with Scarlett, with Bailey there to keep the peace and keep the Jack-a-Bee in line - though he's showing his age compared to the puppies.

Rhu after an exhausting but fun week.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bruff's Bark's Babies!

We are happy to introduce the new member of the Bruff's Bark Band: Betty! As you can see she has been introduced to Scarlett but also Bailey and Cara! She is only just over 2 months but she is a smart little Rottweiler, happy to play with her new pals.

All these dogs - except Bailey - are all under a year old, but meeting lots of new dogs at this age will benefit them greatly, as they'll be a more calm and happy
 when they grow up but they also learn from how to act from other canines.

Also not to forgot another puppy in the Band, although a good bit bigger, Chloe! Here is her walking with Hilary, off to go have fun!