Bruff's Bark Blog: May 2011

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Video Clip from Puppy Training Classes

This is a great bit of training we did with Skye, it really helped with keeping her walking to heel. Lots of praise, treats and enthusiastic noises and she took to it quickly, even with lots of distractions present.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bronze Kennel Club Graduation!

As it has been mentioned a few times on this blog I thought I should post a photo of my girls when they received their Bronze Kennel Club certificates last June (2010). This sort of doggie socialisation has been integral to how I walk dogs. If I can get my dogs to behave inside a closed hall with a dozen other dogs getting your dog to behave in a park or on the street should be no problem!

Praise for Bruffs Bark

Spottiswoode Road

I have known Hilary for a couple years now and her ability to greet and befriend any dog always amazes me. Her patience with animals is something to behold. Having taken on Rhu and Skye (a rescue) she has done great work retraining them and giving them a happy home.

She is a very confident and knowledgeable dog walker and I've have personally seen her stop other dogs from misbehaving with her own dogs on many occasions. Both her dogs have been awarded the Bronze Kennel Club and she dedicates a lot of effort to her own reading and research on dog behaviour and training.

I don't think you could find another dog walker more ready to take a dog out in ANY kind of weather, rain, wind or snow. Hers is a service I thoroughly recommend.

Paul Eckersley


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a perfect service for me and my husband. We both work long hours and honestly don't spend enough time with our dog. Although we love her very much, after a long day (and especially in the winter) we don't have the energy to treat her to a long walk let alone the play time she deserves. We will be in touch to work out a shedule that best suits everyone, especially Fala (our collie).

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ms Hepburn

28th May 2011

To whom it may concern,

I have known Hilary Bruff for around 6 months, and at all times have found her to be pleasant, friendly and warm. She is a very helpful and responsible individual.

Hilary is able to act calm and rational in emergencies, as she did when my own dog was injured and rushed to the vet one evening. She is well-informed in dog behaviour, and how dogs can react in particular situations.

Whenever I have seen Hilary with her own dogs/others she is always well equipped with toys and such like and they always seem very happy! Therefore I would trust Hilary 100% with my own dog, as I know he would be safe and enjoy the time, and recommend the same to others.

Joanna Hepburn

Skye, Rhu and wee Buster

 Skye is a very special young lady she came to me last March 2010, she was 13lbs scared hungry and very abused. Now she is happy healthy and not so scared. She still is wary of other dogs, but it is like when kids go to school they are all ballsy but nout in it. Skye has come on leaps and bounds and I have to say better behaved than Rhu sometimes.
My darling Rhu, this young lady arrived at the door on August 12th 2009. She had been trained as a Guide Dog- you would never have guessed it now! Rhu has the tendency to tell you what she thinks and if you do not agree then more fool you!

She was my savour, she put meaning back into my life after my younger brother died suddenly and our ( Euan and my) dog Rhum died 5 months after Euan.

They all give me so much pleasure that people don't really get a look in. :)

Small to large

I love watching a pup grow, the personality that comes out is always so funny.  Buster is into everything at the mo, eating rocks, wood , socks and the puppy fav "pants", not the nice ones you get from the washing machine the dirty manky ones.......the ones which really should be thrown out!

He has no fear and loves playing with the big doggies and I have to say he gives as good as he gets!

Run Run as fast as you can

Sashka Skye and Rhu all running like mad things..........there feet don't even touch the ground!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hilary and her charges.

                                                                                                                      Boswall Place

I have known Miss Bruff for many years, she has trained her dogs Rhum(deceased) Rhu ( re home 4yrs) Skye (rescue 18mnths) too a standard which has gained certificates from the " Kennel Club" for all her dogs.

She is confident in dealing with many different breads and temperaments of dogs.

She updates training skills with courses and reading.

Hilary enjoys taking the dogs out regardless  of the weather hence her charges also enjoy the walk.

Yours Faithfully

Graham Occardi.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Refrence for Hilary.

                                                                                                                                   65 Boswall Drive

I got to know Hilary over a year ago through walking our dogs.  I've always found her very friendly, fun loving and has a genuine love of dogs.

She is full of energy and can be seen out walking her own dogs in ALL weathers.

Karen Crombie.

Sashkas mummy.