Bruff's Bark Blog: June 2012

Friday, 29 June 2012

Tic Tac Weather

All this rain is NOT great. It can be hellish to dry your dogs all the time and also the check for Ticks. Rain, humidity and sun shine is best combination for these wee blighters.

I was checking Rhu and Skye after they had been playing in the long green grass and what did Queen Rhu have sticking out of her leg? A massive Tick. They are easy to deal with if you have tweezers or the 'tick remover' - any shop, chemist or large supermarket should have the removers. It usually comes with the two twisters to remove the tick.

If your dog does have a tick, keel calm, give the doga biscuit to get them relaxed and then get that evil blood sucking Tick off! If only there was such a thing as a 'George Osbourne remover'!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Winston - The Dark Knight

We went from blazing sunshine to RAIN and WIND this week. However that does not stop my gang going out. And after last week's fashion show we all have JACKETS!

So, I've got warm, dry doggies and it helps me keep them out for longer and lets them play harder. This week we had loads of fun and play and a fair few laughs, especially with the debut of Winston in his new alter ego as Bat Dog! He was a little unsure of his new costume but once he discovered that utility belt he was off! Fighting birds in the sky, police cars on the road and of course the rain, quite empowering that little suit.

The Boys Are Back in Town!

Yes indeed! I had Woody and Ollie back in with me for a few days earlier this week, and I was able to get them out in the sunshine that we had... sunshine, that great big yellow thing we haven't seen much of was out for their well timed stay with me, We had toys, treats, water and heaps of fun while were out!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Winston's New Mini Pal!

Check out Winston's new mini pal, the yorkshire terrier Max. He's almost a year old and he's fantastic. He and Winston get on really well - as small as Winston is, Max is even smaller, but they both have bundles of energy. Seeing my dogs make new friends is a great feeling as that kind of doggie socialisation makes them calmer dogs. It makes sense really as the more friends your dog has, the more comfortable the dog is with new dogs.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Bruffs Bark Doggie Fashion Week

This week we have the Bruffs Bark models Rhu and Skye in a couple of slinky wee numbers. As you cn see they look thrilled to be wearing this sporty red and blue ensemble!

These yellow outfits have a great Kill Bill styling to them but there'll be no martial arts moves from gentle girls.

Also here I have Oscar in a lovely tweed mix (chequered) keeping him dry in this recent awful wet weather. Noah's Ark supplied these outfits and I now have a fabulous wardrobe of outdoor jackets available for all Bruffs Bark doggies which will be much needed of the current weather keeps up.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Two Little Stars!

Child's Play! I love it when I got get really responsible kids who want to learn something different. Moby's sister Rosy (the girl with Rhu) and her best friend Rebecca (the girl with Skye) came out with me on the Queen's Jubliee to do something fun and educational.

These girls only needed to be shown once and they understood the commands, which made working with Rhu and Skye much easier. Rhu and Skye know what they need to do and help the person at the other end of the lead do it. By working with my girls, these girls will be able to work with Moby - understanding is the key.

 I am happy to take owners, friends, and family out with my dogs. Introducing new and fun training is the way forward, if you can keep a child and animal amused you have cracked it!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Queen Rhu in Charge

We had great fun this Sunday when I took my two, Rhu and Skye out with Simon's wee family of Abbey, Wilf and Maggie (aka Eigg). We played with all five for over an hour and properly tired them out!

It may seem ambitious but it is actually very easy to get five dogs to play at the same, but if you have separate games for each of them its a doddle. Rhu loves chasing after a stick, Skye is hooked to her frisbee and Abbey, Wilf and wee Maggie (aka Eigg) have their own separate balls they love to chase and carry. Maggie (aka Eigg) is so smart, I have seen a real change in her the more work/play is done with her.

At the end of the afternoon once we were about to head home, my two started their racing chariot, which looked so much fun to the wee family, but they were too tired (and small to join in)!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hot Bots

We all love the sunny weather we've had recently and so do our four legged friends. However, just like us they do get overheated and sun stroke. Always make sure your furry friends have a shaded area to go and cool off, plenty of water and sun screen! :)

Going for long walks is also hard work for most dogs and you so short shaded walks are better in hot weather. Make sure to carry water with you for the dugs as it beats popping into a shop for mineral water. Enjoy the sun while you can, we all know if can go in an instant!