Bruff's Bark Blog: June 2011

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wee Abbey and Mintzy the cat.

This morning ( 8AM) I was out and about with a new baby girl. She is about 6months old and a mix of Fox Terrier  Miniature Australian Kelpie and miniature Labrador . So this little lady is a smart cookie.

Abbey is the cutest thing I have seen for a while and what makes it even better is that she has a best friend,  Mitzy.  This darling wee cat is just her friend. It came with us! Trotted behind us all the way.

You go I go!

Abbey is a nervous girl, it took me a good 15 minutes for her to feel comfortable - chicken helped! She was happy to go on the grass out side her house then down to the next bit of grass then the end of the street, then her wee tail was up and she was off.

Once we had got to the park and had a wee sniff and run about we did some retrieve work- which for this little lady was very good.

I had forgotten how small pups could be -  as my girls are monsters and Buster is growing into a strapping lad.

You are going nowhere without me!

Happy girl.
Can't wait for next week, to see if madam comes out to play again.

Never again.

My girls are terrible, well Rhu is terrible in mugging people.  She can smell a treat in a pocket across a crowded street.

In this way they met their surrogate granny- Jinty who has a old doggie called Twiggy. Now my girls aren't bothered by Twiggy, but they do like to see what granny Jinty has brought them........ shall we have a look?  As you can see from the above picture this is supposed to be a bone!

As you can see it came down to the hammer. It chipped the concrete slab, I tried bashing it first before I got all technical with it! 
For all those that don't want to spend an afternoon bashing and crashing round the house I would not buy these bones!

Although once broken Rhu and Skye stayed out of my way to cut the grass and weed, so maybe.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The size of him!

I am the most special boy in the whole wide world.
Now this darling boy is wee yes wee  Buster. Seeing this wee lad out and about is always a giggle. All of us at one point or another had a bit of a stubborn streak, well this cheeky monkey has a giant stubborn streak.  If he wants to go one way you go one way! His mummy, daddy and big brother are told by the wee man where they are going and for how long, actually it is very similar to toddlers- a stomp of the feet, running away, the look of defiance.  Full of love and personality why would you change it?

Best pals.

Today we had a good old run about. Rhu, Skye  and myself were out today with their best pal Monty now this boy is a 4 year old chocolate lab. He is full of mischief and fun. Rhu annoys the poor lad, trys to get him into trouble by picking up sticks chewing on them for a bit then letting Monty get caught with them... 

Now I have a toy which all the doggies love- I bought it for my girls, they however are more interested in the Frisbee ( Skye ) and  grass ( Rhu ) . Whereas Monty , Wee Jess, Buster, Levi and Reo all love this KONK well that's what I call it! It has been the best thing I could have bought, as you can see 3 doggies can get on it and have a good old pull!
Monty and the favorite toy!

Girls VS Boy.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Wee Jess out and about.

Today I took wee Jess out for a walk and a play and it was a great success.  Although the weather was roasting, we had a good run and play for an hour and a half.  Because of her breed she wants to run and run. She is very good on the lead.  Sometimes she is put in a harness, which is good for her breed as they are small they tend to  want to get somewhere fast and end up nearly garrotting themselves.

For a small dog she can drink - 1 1/2 ltrs of water.......although she did have some help from Buster.

Buster was having a hard day today, seeing as one of his parents was black and one was chocolate he should have melted. He was running like a mad thing and then putting his head in the water have got to love pups!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

More fun from Puppy Training Classes

This is another video from last year's Bronze Kennel Club classes. In fact this was a great egg spoon race (tennis ball more like) that we had to do with the dogs on leash walking quickly to heel. As you can see hilarity ensues!