Bruff's Bark Blog: March 2015

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Amsterdam and Dogs!

So as you all know Hilary had a little holiday to Amsterdam and we've got some photos to share from her trip!

Cheeky wee drink on the flight!

Just arrived!

Enjoying the sun and canals!

Visiting Anne Frank.

Amsterdam Night Life.

Early morning journey home.

Finally it wouldn't be a Bruff's Bark trip without our mascot making an appearance!

Eating and Sleeping.

And finally we've got a little video of some of the dogs at play. Starring Ayla, Maggie and Juno at play; and a well behaved Yogi!

Monday, 9 March 2015

A new breed for Dog Training

Well an entire different species at that! Amy the pig has learned to do all the tricks to show off at her debut Kennel Club Show! Full articles here!

The exciting lives of Rhu and Skye!

Whilst Hilary was away to Amsterdam for a few days, I got the all exciting task of looking after Rhu and Skye. They got their walks, food and cuddles as normal but as you'll see you would have think I'd take them on extreme hill walks!
But now Hilary is back in, they can escape the exhausting task of having me all the time doing their every task and I can finally have a bed to myself!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Message for All Clients

Just a little reminder for all our clients to say that Hilary will be holiday from 5th March - 8th March, with all contact details for the rest of the staff have been given out.

Also the Training Classes on the 7th March has been cancelled but will be back to normal service from 14th March onwards.