Bruff's Bark Blog: July 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello Hello Hello

Now this boy is a Pro Bono case, his name is Levi and he is a Staffy Collie cross. He is about 10 years old and has had no training. He is seldom on a lead, likes to run away and not come back.

I have taken on Levi, and already he can walk on a lead, sits and waits at road crossing and the main bug bare is BARKING - it all comes down to is exercise,attention,stress and fear.  I am not a fan of barking doggies in a good or bad way.  I have been working with Skye with her barking - she does it out of fear. That is a hard one to crack, fear. Sometimes she can be fine but sometimes she can go mad.

Levi gets on well with most dogs but you have to be careful, because of his age and his breeds he can be possessive of toys.  I bring my own toys to the park so that no dogs can get to attached to one toy.  Levi has come on leaps and bounds he has calmed down he does not bark in when I have him out he has stopped going mad in his house because he is exercised.

Working with dogs that have problems is so satisfying it puts a smile on my face. To have other neighbours comment and watch the dog progress in a short period of time is very good.

Look look I have the toy!!

Now this big boy is Reo Hepburn the black lab.  He has had a ruff couple of months, he is a very brave and durable boy. He was attacked by another dog in March this year.  He was badly injured, he had hurt his back and front leg, it was a scary time for the owner. I was in the park at the time and was  hand to give help and assistance.

You can see in the back ground Rhu and Buster, now I shouldn't be happy about this but my lovely Rhu has been teaching Buster to find apples! He follows her round and whatever she has a look at, taste or pee on he will follow!

28th May 2011
To whom it may concern,
I have known Hilary Bruff for around 6 months, and at all times have found her to be pleasant, friendly and warm. She is a very helpful and responsible individual.
Hilary is able to act calm and rational in emergencies, as she did when my own dog was injured and rushed to the vet one evening. She is well-informed in dog behaviour, and how dogs can react in particular situations.
Whenever I have seen Hilary with her own dogs/others she is always well equipped with toys and such like and they always seem very happy! Therefore I would trust Hilary 100% with my own dog, as I know he would be safe and enjoy the time, and recommend the same to others.

Joanna Hepburn

Still full of fun when we get old

Twiggy is an old lady who lives with her mum Jinty. Jinty as you have found out has a soft spot for my girls and whoever they are playing with in the park or walking on the street.  Twiggy is a rescue and has lived with her mummy for 8-9 years. We are not sure of her age or her origins - she is a good looking doggie, with her whiskers and her look of distaste she  puts my girls way.  She has a taste for ham and chicken!

Jinty likes to give the younger dogs the bones and chews- her old lady doesn't like them any more.

Having older dogs in the park helps the younger ones to repect their elders! 

whiskers of knowledge.

Rain rain go away.

Now I don't know about you but did you see the rain? Yesterday and last night and today? Well my 2 wee ladies were out in it and the wee faces and the SMELL after was something to behold.

Skye was so upset and cold she went to her big sisters bed for some heat, and Rhu being her generous self chucked her out!

So Skye got her favourite toy out and snuggled it instead.

Sky was chucked out, but her Lion gave her a cuddle instead.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Josephine A Simpson

3/4 Boswall Place


I have known Hilary for around 4 years as I am her downstairs neighbour. I have noticed that Hilary has a wonderful rapport with her dogs, who are delightful and have never caused me any problems.

The dogs are very well behaved and extremely quiet and co-exist very happily with all the neighbours.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hilary and wish her every success in her new dog-walking business.

With best wishes

Josephine A. Simpson