Bruff's Bark Blog: 2012

Monday, 31 December 2012

Dogs driving Cars.

Follow this link for the full article.

Now this is truly amazing, 3 rescued dogs in New Zealand have been trained to drive specially adapted cars! The photos and videos just make it all the more real and inspiring. We think this a perfect publicity stunt to show that rescued dogs can become not just trained but real pets to be proud of.

As much we would love to try this at Bruff's Bark, we doubt it will happen any time soon; but we always do as much training as possible with every dog we take on - from basics to advanced - all within the walks and plays!

Finally, we wish everyone and every pet a Happy New Years!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bruff's Bark would like to say...

Thank you to all the dogs and support over the past year, we hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a fun New Year!

We hope 2013 will be bigger and better - more dogs and more fun!

Bruff's Bark is still available over this festive period, so get in touch if you'd like us to come pick up your prized pooch for walks and plays! - we do hope none of the Bruff's Bark Band have pigged out this Christmas or it will be extra walkies for them!

Again thank you to everyone!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

As promised...

More festive canines! We tried to get more photographs but some dogs were a bit uncooperative!

Merlin looking rather proud of his antlers!

The festive times have tired out Starsky.


The forgotten reindeer Winston.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Pug-tastic Party!

Our wee Winston was at the Pug Club Christmas Party recently and we have been given the chance to show some fantastic photos from the event, prepare to fall in love!

Winnie the Party Animal!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Time for the Festivities to Begin!

 As we are looking forward to the holidays, we'd like to share some photos to help everyone get into the spirit - even the dogs!

Don't Rhu, Skye and Boomer look adorable! We will be trying to get more festive photos of the Bruff's Bark Band over the next few days!

On another note, Bruff's Bark will be available over the Christmas and New Year period for walks and plays.

The Young, The Mature and The Old

Just a small video to show that dogs of all ages can get along, though George seems to be having trouble keeping up with ScarlettBailey is happy to play with him at his pace.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

For all animal lovers out there!

Courtesy of Metro
A4Animals is website designed for all animal lovers; with healthcare, events and tributes all about different animals - from domestic to exotic - it is definitely a website to check out!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Winter Runs

The weather is cold, the streets icy but at Bruff's Bark, we are always on the move. One particular dog that likes to make us move is Jack. As said before he's a smart and highly intelligent canine, and nothing makes him more happy than a good cycle through the fresh snow and ice. As you can see he's looking rather dashing in his coat - which Skye used to wear. 

Unlike JackSkye and Cara love nothing more than to stay inside and sleep through the cold weather! Cara has taken to Skye as her mother and don't they look adorable! 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Little-Big Adventures of Bruff's Bark

We start this adventure with Millie meeting Cara and Baxter. Millie is nearing her first birthday and she is a lovely little Boston Terrier cross Griffon Bruxellois, who just loves to run and meet new friends, though shy at first.

Millie's next adventure includes Winston, Buster, Max, Monty and Ruby! As you can see Millie and Max became quite friendly and it was there first time meeting each other!

Our final big adventure of the week included little Scarlett, Bailey, Saskia and Kropka. Bailey   as a big friend of Scarlett made sure she was safe at all time by checking on her every time she was on the move, but Scarlett was having a blast meeting Saskia and Kropka.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cara the Lurcher

Cara has just started in the Bruff's Bark Band and she is already becoming known to the rest of the other dogs. As you can see, she is small but full of energy! She just loves to run about and have fun; she is also showing off her intellect by picking up commands quickly. We are happy to see that she's become quite the friend with Scarlett - leaving poor Bailey to play by himself.

After a good walk and play, she loves nothing more than coming over to 
Skye and Rhu; to have a rest deserved rest.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dog Food

There is many brands out there offering from "complete" to "breed specific", from poor to high quality but sometimes no matter what, the food doesn't sit well with the dog. This doesn't mean you should rush to get new food or another brand, this can produce worse effects as a dog's digestion is slow and new foods have to be gradually introduced with the current diet.

As a base diet, dry food is a must and the amount adjusted to weight, activity, age of the dog. If your dog isn't eating much try adding some cooked vegetables to give it some flavour or adding some warm water to make it moist and easier to eat.

Avoid give dogs any table scraps from your food as this can lead to behavioural problems. Instead you can keep them to add some to your dogs next meal - remember to make sure it's cooked food and that it's a reward, not a given right.

Fresh water must be available all the time in the house for the dog. As much as some dogs may persist to try human drinks, it's to be avoided.

If your dog turns it's nose up at food laid down for them, take it away and give it to them later on. The dog may not be hungry - mainly with smaller breeds they may not need as much as recommended - but if have became picky with food, they'll soon learn what is theirs when they become more hungry.

Finally, a set routine is the best thing for a dog. Once they are into the routine, they'll become less anxious about food and more comfortable in and out the house.


Bailey and Scarlett

These two canines chums just love to play and walk with each other. Although Scarlett is full of beans and always excited for anything, Bailey takes it in good nature and let's have her fun. Their ages and sizes show that dogs can become best of friends with each other when given the time to get to know each other.

Also from the video, you can see 
Scarlett is starting to learn, with Bailey showing her what to do.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Charlie Rehomed

Wee cheeky chappy Charlie has been rehomed through friends and family of Bruffs Bark. We'll keep updating you on his progress and how settles in his new home.

Zero Found!

Yay! Good news all Bruffs Bark followers, Zero the Whippet was found yesterday. He was taken by someone on Wednesday night last week but after a very quick web and street poster campaign someone spotted him and through some good luck he was returned home.

Be care when securing your dog outside shops or in public places. Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there and dog knapping is alarmingly common. Always make sure your dog is chipped, be confident that you can leave them outside and if you can check on them occassionally when you leave them outside.

It's that time of year again...

No, we are not talking about Christmas!

It's time for coats and jackets for the dogs, plus reflective gear for them to stand out in the darker days! We all feel the cold but it doesn't mean our dogs have to feel it as well!

To show off this years winter style, we have 
Starsky and Hutch!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Missing dog: Zero

Zero with Skye and Rhu

Sad news but Zero has went missing; he was last seen on Wednesday night - 7th November - with his owner in the Roseburn area of Edinburgh.

He is 3/4 year old Whippet, medium height with a blue and white coat.

If you have seen him please get in contact as soon as possible, we all want a safe return to his owners.

Update 12/11/12:

We are happy to say Zero has been found and returned to his owners.

Sunday, 4 November 2012



This young cocker spaniel is full of energy and just loves to run and play fetch. As you can see from the video he's a little genius and loves the camera!     




This baby girl - Beagle cross Jack Russell Terrier - has just joined the Bruff's Bark Band and has already fitted in perfectly. She's became best of friends with Bailey and she's ready to go on more adventures and meet more friends! 


Friday, 2 November 2012

The Boys Return, Again!

Yes, Woody and Ollie are back for another night with the girls! These pair just love to run and get as muddy as possible but when they get in they just love nothing else but a good bone to chew on and relax.

Rhu decided to stay out of the chewing carnage while Skye joined in.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dog Shaming

Well as the weather worsens - days getting darker and colder - we still like to have a good chuckle to keep the spirits high. Dog Shaming is an ingenious website which shows our naughty pets put to guilt. Some of the stories are very relatable but some; we are grateful to not experienced - hopefully never to!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

An unlikely couple

Here's a little video of our Merlin playing with Kai. These two haven't seen each other for a while but it's just great that they just love to play with each other and become friends. Merlin is progressing nicely - especially as he's still a pup - and he's a smart little wizard picking up commands quickly.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bailey and Chloe

These two lovable canines - Chloe and Bailey - have became best of friends in a few short days. They have made the best of the wet weather and have a blast while running through all the puddles and mud there is.

Deaf but Definitely not Dumb

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chloe Chloe Chloe!

Currently Chloe is staying over with the girls - Skye and Rhu - for a few nights. This lovely goldendoodle has already become friends with Skye and was following Skye's lead on the long walk home. 

She then made her self right at home with joining Skye - Rhu wasn't up for much fun after the long walk -  in playing with the toys and bones. Over the next few nights she'll be out and about with the girls and hopefully the good weather!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's Autumn!

It's the start of the darker and cold days, but it doesn't stop us having the same fun we always have! As you can see camera shy Merlin has just straight into the spirit and covered himself in all the leaves he could!

And here is Oscar and Bobby having fun with their favourite toy: balls! These two just love to play fetch and could run forever if there is a ball to chase; this is their first time meeting each other and as you can see they are more interested in the balls that anything else!

Monday, 8 October 2012

In light of the Staffie Awareness Week...

Drug dealers have been injecting their dogs - mainly Staffies - with herion.

Click on the link for the full article; but the title is sickening enough to hear. How anyone could expose their pet to such dangerous substances is beyond thought - and for what gain?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wee Winston the Mountaineer

Here are a couple photos Winston's mum sent me of her and Winston when they climbed up Ben Vorlich last weekend. This is Winnie's second Munro! He is an amazing dog and is so fit now compared to last year. Proof that even a small dog can climb mountains.

Monday, 1 October 2012

George Staying Over Again

George came to stay for the night this weekend. The girls love George and he loves them. He is far from a pup now but he's still got a spring in his step and he loves staying over. He settles quickly and is usually fast asleep within a couple hours. He'll find his space and nest which is what most of our house guests do. My girls give a good example to follow and I think that's what makes it such a relaxing place to be for dogs. They're safe, warm and comfortable - what more could you want?

Staffie Awareness Week

This week is the start of Staffie Awareness Week.

There is too much stereotype about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from being an aggressive breed to being associated with drugs. Staffies are lively and loyal dogs, who love nothing more than decent exercise and a loving home environment. The bad press that they have received in the past years is all due to bad owners, any breed of dog can turn aggressive and pose a danger to the public if the owners don't train it or care for it properly.

So if you are looking for another or new dog, please visit the rescue centres and don't ignore the staffies as they could be one of the best dogs to have!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Canine Care

Rhu sleeping soundly.

Looking after is more than just feeding and exercising; it's also looking out for their health and well being. Which is hard as we would all do our best for out dogs if they could just tell us if exactly what's wrong.

But don't fret as all dogs show signs if something is wrong and it's up to the owners to look out for them all the time. One of the obvious signs - yet not the nicest - is what comes out of a dog.  If they are going too often or too little, discolouration, blood, etc. - exactly like us humans - then it shows they've either ate something that isn't good for them or their diet needs to be changed.

Another sign of a dog not feeling well is that they'll show less enthusiasm to walks or play, sleeping more or less, weight gain or loss, etc. - again exactly how humans act when feeling down or unwell. These changes may be due to events in the house hold - dogs react to their owners -, changes in environment, mourning, lack of exercise - mental and physical -, etc.

 To conclude always look out for your dog both in the house and outside. Make sure they are receiving enough exercise with the right diet and that their environment isn't disturbing them. But if you have any concern - even the slightest - that it might be a bit more serious: Go see your vet as soon as possible.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Toys and Families

We have been quite busy over the past few weeks with new dogs joining the Bruff's Bark Band but also we've also got new toys for all the dogs! Toys are very important in the a dog's life and no matter what breed there will always be a toy for the them to enjoy. They provide enjoyment, exercise - physically and mentally - and most importantly help create a natural bond between canine and owner. It's best to remember not to overwhelm your dog with too many toys as they'll not know what to do with them all.

As you can see above Moby is enjoying the new Colossal rope we've got but even Merlin, Abbey and Eigg - who are all shorter than it - enjoy it! But keep in mind that toys should be taken away when the play has ended and they should be used as treats. We have a certain chocolate Labrador who likes to bust up our toys much to our displeasure.

Secondly - though the most important of all - dogs should know their family and their position in it. Either in a single dog or multiple dog household, there should and must be a hierarchy in which the dog(s) are at the bottom of it - even below other family pets! Dogs are natural to pack leadership, the owner must always be and act as a leader. Dogs who believe they are the pack leader will become troublesome and possibly aggressive to other canines.

As you can see from these photos there is a general feeling of who's the top dog: Abbey is showing her dominance to the rather posing Eigg and Starsky is showing his by checking on Hutch who constantly looks up to his brother.

Once a dog knows their place, there will be times when they will challenge either the owner or other dogs in the house for dominance - this is natural of pack animals. Always remember to show them that you are the boss and harmony will return.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Big Boom Boom Boomer & His Dirty Sidekick

These two make me laugh. As soon as the leads are off up Costorphine Hill Molly finds the biggest dirtiest puddles and runs, jumps and throws herself in them. And because she does it Boomer follows.

Boomer gives up trying to keep up with mad Moll after a while, but he always has a smile and a waggy tail when he has been off with her.

Brotherly Love

Here we have Woody and Ollie playing with our new pair of brothers: Starsky and Hutch.

Woody and Ollie just love to play together, while Starsky and Hutch are just happy to lounge around - though they were thoroughly tired out after playing with the Family beforehand! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

This Month's House Guest Is....


As you can see Moby is having a really hard time settling in and relaxing.

Bobby & the rest of the Bruff Family

Now I don't know about you, but this lot are having a hell of a fun time. Playing together chasing, but best of all getting on.

Many dogs may have a look which makes you think they are angry, scary, aggressive or mean but you should never judge a book by it's cover. Bobby is just such an example, he looks tough but he is a gentle soul, and prior to the work we've had him doing, a big scaredy doggie.

Wee Man Winnie the Trooper

As we all know I have a soft spot for Winston. So when I was told he would becoming out with a CONE on his head I roared with laughter. I know it was a mean thing to do but you will have a wee giggle as well! Although he was impared that did not stop this mini me giving it 110% when out with his pals.

Millie & Moby - The Two M's Together

These two are chalk and cheese. Moby didn't like wee dogs and Millie (an eight month old Boston Griffin) didn't like big dogs. How things change!

Giving these two the opportunity to play, walk and learn together has brokent he need to be defensive or aggressive. The more you are able to 'immunise' your dog to situations that alarm them, the easier it is to have a good walk and play.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stalking Dogs in the making

Eigg has some of the best parents, they teach her everything, even how to stalk a bird. We have invested in 'gun dog training' toys and manuals to develop this little lady into a seasoned pro. Watch this space!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Big Bobby!

This is big Bobby, despite his size and looks many would regard him as an aggressive dog but contrary to that he's just a big softy! 

He just loves to play fetch and getting to know new doggy friends! We are delighted to have him in the Bruff's Bark Band! 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Where Are Ye?

Where Are Ye? I see 1 dog, I see 2 dogs, oh wait, no, there's 3 dogs! But actually there's 4... but in what order do they come? 

It's great to see many different breeds out and having fun, and generally just being dogs. They all have their own little misfits but together they're fabby. A pug, a whippet, then queen labrador and cross boxer/staffy ­­- all friends, playing happily together and investigating on their ownsome.

What Happens Next?

Who's the more committed Olympian?

a) Rhu?

b) Skye?

c) Zero?

d) Winston?

Who gives it their most when they're out racing?

When Zero comes to stay he always puts the dogs through their paces.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Moby, Kai & Merlin Playing

Moby has made a great deal of progress over the last few weeks has I have been taking him out a lot more and working with him has has his mum and sister. I had him out last week with his new friend Merlin and he is so much better at playing and socialising with other dogs. 

There is still a lot of work to do and things to get right with him but he's a great boy and in this video he was playing with Kai (a staffy/collie cross) who was a rescue and came from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home.They had loads of fun playing and most importantly Moby didn't try to domainate Kai as is an occassional problem with him. Merlin couldn't get involved too much as he is so small but his wizard powers couldn't help him overpower his larger friends.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jack in the Summertime

This was my second time meeting Jack but as you can see the training that Hilary has done with him has stuck. He listened to all his commands, got on with all the dogs we met, and we had a great time in the summer heat!

I look forward to walking Jack again!

- Tom

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Wizard has learned some new Tricks!

Merlin has continued in his progress as a magician. He is now more responsive to commands - whilst learning new ones -, less defencive when meeting new dogs and is overly a joy to walk. He has also taken a real shine to the Pink Chicken toy.

Merlin used to bark relentlessly but now it is surprising to hear more than a note from him. He has amazed us in his growth but he has a bit to go before he is a true Wizard.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How Long Did It Last?

Now all toys should be put through their paces by my girls. Even having all their pals around does not take them away from their task of 'destroy!' Rhu and Skye love playing 'tuggy tuggy' with each other - as they have to share their toys with the other dogs. So when they get to play together they let off steam and can really wreck the toy. When another dog has their toy they'll leave them to it.

Rhu does go off and eat grass, mooch, roll in bird poo and drink water. Skye is the one who plays, runs and puts up with all the puppies. So when they do play with each other I allow them to wreck a toy now and again.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Lady Tara

This lady is a local girl called Tara. She lives round the corner and is a great girl, a bit older than my usual charges, but just as fun and mischievous. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Wee Man Baxter & Big Boy Moby

Moby has come on leaps and bounds, he loves a good play. I have been taking him to different places and so he has been making new friends, smelling new smells and walking different streets. Taking dogs out of their comfort zone (their territory) can change their behaviour - if they trust you they'll understand it's a good thing and enjoy themselves.

It does help when you have a dog that is set in a walk and as behaviour on that walk is to change. Moby has learnt that behaving well gets treats and praise. He also has learnt that naughty behaviour gets him put on the lead and taken away from him friends or whatever he was interested in. Moby has become more relaxed, not as defensive on walks and this is due to exposing him to different situations and environments. Getting him to make friends properly with other dogs has been a success story I'm really enjoying and Moby and Baxter here get on so well.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

We Have a Wizard!

Merlin is a high energy, full of mischief pup. He's a nine month old shih tzu and he has some naughty habits. He liked being mean to other dogs, he was naughty on his lead and he didn't listen to his mum and dad.

Tom and I have been working with Merlin for the last three weeks and the difference is amazing. He greets dogs now in the correct way, he listens to his mum and dad, and he loves playing with other dogs. Once Merlin realised that he was safe and understood the rules of the Bruffs Bark Band he has joined in really well.

Big Bad Bodie

This young man Bodie (a two year old lab) came for a week's holiday and as you can see he put it to good use.

He had a fabby time with the girls, sleeping in their beds, playing with their toys and eating all his food.

Having a doggie who loves running is great because Skye loves to run and chase. Where as Rhu lives to relax and mooch with her new pal.

Cheeky Charlie

This six month old wee ball of fluff was a real treat. Charlie was driving his mum, dad and sisters mad with his naughty barking. Barking at himself sometimes!

By getting this little man out and about and making friends with other doggies it has helped his barking and social skills. The main hurdle that we overcame was enabling his mum and sisters to make him listen and control the barking.

Now this little man is a pleasure to walk as his mum has him under control and it allows her to chat with people and not have to worry about Charlie acting up and being naughty.