Bruff's Bark Blog: September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Under control

Stockbridge Edinburgh shared Scottish SPCA's status update.
Can any owners walking their dogs near Inverleith pond in Edinburgh please ensure their dogs are under strict control. There has been a drainage issue which has meant swans normally on the water are now standing in mud. Unfortunately, two swans have already been attacked by dogs, with their injuries currently being assessed. Thank you

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Do I need to buy a new sofa?

Since taking on dogs and bringing them into my house I have wrapped cover in old duvets and cushions in pillow cases, but I have become more and more aware of I do not have a seat in my own house!

It does not take long for a dog to figure out where it feels most secure and that is on my sofa!

Fun in the sun!

What a day to be out in! The sun was shining people were smiling and the dogs were having a great time!

It was great to have Sashka out playing in the park today, Abbey, Jess and Possum were also out in the park , so it was a great time of playing . I brought toys, but Sashka and Abbey were having too much fun to play with toys

you move no you move!

So cute little and large running together.

Dogs in the house!

I have been given the responsibility of looking after 2 dogs 5 days a week from early morning to 6.30pm each night.  Lennox, is a 7 year old Doberman and Diesel is a 9 year old Staffy.  I pick them up in the morning and they come to mine for their breakfast and dinner.

At the moment I am working with Lennox for his barking,chasing bikes, rucksacks, hats really whatever he feels as a threat, he will bark, pull, strain and generally stress himself out. 

Dobermans are built and programmed to defend.  If you don't let the Doberman know who the boss is,  they will walk all over you. They have to feel secure, you have to be able to show them that you are the leader and they will follow.

Working with Lennox is great, he is a smart boy, but because he has got away with so much he thinks he can push me around-  BIG OOPS on his part.

Breaking his usually reactions has been going well. Giving  him the opportunity to make the right decisions when he is out and not getting stressed when dealing with any of his HATES helps him relax when walking.

My girls are great when they have friends in there houseI do not let any barking, growling or food stealing in my house. If a doggie comes to mine they go home better, happy and educated.

Dog sitting

This mature lady is Hannah, she is a 11 year old collie cross. She has a great temperament, and is full of stories.

Her mummy went on holiday for a weekend and I went to look after her. 

I spent a couple of weeks coming and going from her house, giving her walks and feeding her. This way I was able to bring about a relationship with the dog before I came to stay.  Her mummy explained that she is set in her ways- well she had her mummy fooled! This lady ate all her breakfast, dinner, went for walks and played lots into the garden.

It was a really good couple of days for Hannah, she felt secure happy and relaxed for the time I was there and it only took a wee bit of work but her barking has calmed down.


The summer has left us....what summer I hear you say - I would agree. As during the summer I had to go and buy more WET GEAR.

It has not stopped my charges and me getting out in the rain and wind - they love it!

Possum and Jess are making so much progress.  Barking, pulling, returing and playing well with other dogs has gone really really well.

Possum with her ball, and Jess with her "good boy toy"

Jess had the real problem of barking when her owner left her in the house. Now, over the last couple of weeks I have taken Jess and ran her ragged. The barking has stopped, unless you go to the door. She has a routine, and understanding of words now. It is great to see her chilled going into her house and looking forward to having a rest.  Before it was a nightmare trying to get her on the lead getting her to understand to go to the toilet outside, this little lady is a smart little thing and the shine that is in her eyes makes all her hard work  happy.

Wee Jess out and about playing.

More pals

Here is Abbey and Jess running wild in the park. These two are great together they swap toys, tug on toys, chaise each other, tell each other off and really have a great time.

It is good to have a older dog play with a younger one. They get taught manners and learn how to play not so roughly with the older characters.

Abbey has been with me for a month or so now and the difference in her walking on the lead recall and learning has been so much fun. She always has a big smile for me when I pick her up, although she makes me feel so guilty when I take her home. It is all in their eyes!