Bruff's Bark Blog: Commands



List of commands used during the training of dogs. The commands are to be said in a clearprojective and confident voice.

Ah-Ah! - To be used as a deterrent when a dog is naughty e.g. barking, pulling, etc

Busy - To signal going for a pee

Busy-Busy - To signal going for a poo

Come On - Used to encourage a dog to hurry onwards/towards yourself when used with Here

Cross - To signal cross a road

Down - To signal to lay down

Fetch/Bring It - To be used when playing with throwing toys/objects

Good Boy/Girl - To be used to praise a dog for good behaviour, sometimes with treat

Here - To signal to the dog to come to yourself/pointed location

In-In - To be used to gather dog(s) in towards yourself to make space for passer-bys/cyclists

Leave/Thank You - To be used to signal to leave a toy or object

Sit - To signal to a dog to sit

Talk Talk - To bark on command

Wait - To signal to a dog to wait/stay still

Walk On - To be used when passing other dogs/distractions

With Me - To be used to get attention, especially when running/on bike