Bruff's Bark Blog: May 2012

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Over This Weekend

Possum was one of my first dogs when I started my business and I have been in contact with her throughout. A couple of weeks ago I trained her not to go after her mummy's new chickens that help her business Love Pure Cakes.

So this weekend the little lady has been staying with me while her mummy goes and searches for new delicious recipes.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pup Pups Out

When Wilf was ill and couldn't go for big runs I had Oscar, Abbey and Maggie (aka Eigg) out instead. I did laugh a lot at the three of them running around as Abbey is just over a year old, Oscar is seven months and wee pup Maggie (aka Eigg) is only four months old. They chase, punch, play, steal and walk well together. Maggie (aka Eigg) has really come out of her shell, nobody and nothing phases this little girl. She enjoys chasing Oscarwhen he pretended to give her a flower and then ran away with it.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Simon and Wilf

Now I love all the dogs in my care. I see them as mine in a way. I was out last week with another dog when I got a call from Simon, (Wilf's daddy) to go and see him. Simon was very worried about Wilf and when I arrived we made the decision to take him to the vet.

Wilf had bruised and scarred hips. He is a rehomed dog, 6 times over in fact, and he is also a lot older than we thought but because he is being well fed, loved and exercised the scars from his last homes are coming through.

I have to praise Simon for the love and care he gives to his dogs.

Monday, 21 May 2012

More House Guests!

It has been a busy busy couple of weeks. From doggies having sleepovers at my home to rushing dogs to vets.

I had the zippy Zero staying last week, darting about with the girls and the Bruffs Barks Band. We had Buster, Winston, Zero, Rhu and Skye out whipping through the long grass and in some cases eating the grass! Zero still races around with incredible speed. Such speed I never got a video of him this trip!

Oscar was here too for a fun five days with me and my girls. Skye is his best pal and they both had a great time. Rhu, ever the big sister, mucked in occassionally but was like the sibling visiting back from uni, putting up with the youngsters running amok underfoot. As I've said before Oscar's progress has been amazing. Dog training is so much easier on young dogs, especially when he has friends he can watch.

While I had Oscar staying over I had to rush Rhu to the vet one morning! She ripped her J Claw off whilst running - she was running on the bike path and caught her claw and suffered a painful injury. When she was in the vet she was a brave girl as she had to get the rest of the claw snipped off. Her recovery has been quick and the other dogs were very sympathetic towards her. It's not a common injury but it can happen on rough surfaces, that's why playing on grass is best but in a city these things happen. Just know it's not serious if dealt with quickly and simply.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Winny Takes On Oscar

Winston and Oscar have become real buddys. They love to be out causing havoc. Winston has really come out of his puggy shell. He loves 'bringing it'. By watching other dogs and listening he has understood that 'play' is great! He gets lots of attention and treats.

Since Winston has been with me he has lost weight, is able to be let off the lead under control and plays really well with other dogs.

Two Big Sisters and One Wee Brother

I don't have many videos of my girls, but they love their adopted brother Buster. It really is funny watching them play, Buster is such a great boy, he's fun and bouncy and he lets Rhu and Skye get away with pushing him about. He gets a toy, they want it! He had learnt his place with my two, but they will defend him if they feel he is getting picked on by a bigger doggie (even if he doesn't notice!).

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

**My Star Harvey**

This is a beautiful 6 month old blue hairy Staffy called Harvey!! Yes, hairy! This ball of fluff is the best boy ever. Come rain, sun, hail or wind he is out training and he loves it!

Harvey was with me for three weeks once a week and the progress was amazing. I don't take all the credit as he goes home. His mum and family have worked so hard to get him working for them. Giving his mum the confidence and commands has made Harvey a very happy boy.

All Work & Loads of Play!

First thing this week we had a fun full day. Buster, Winston, Rhu and Skye were out in force. I don't just try to work with the dogs, I enjoy working with the owners as well.

Being able to give an owner advise and show them how I work with their dog allows both the dog and its owner to improve together.

 Paul, Buster's brother has been great in learning and teaching Buster. Having an owner who loves their dog as much as Paul makes it a pleasure to work with them.

I do do a lot with the dogs, but structure within the play helps them develop and mixing a bit of 'work' in there also helps obedience and listening.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Rhu & Skye's Granny Passes Away

This lovely old girl passed away on Friday, 4th May 2012. She was a permanent fixture in Boswall. Her mummy, Jinty, is my girls' surrogate Granny and love Twiggs. Jinty rescued Twiggs from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home many years ago and gave her the most loved and cared for life.

Rhu and Skye will be visiting Granny Jinty to keep her spirits up and to get her out and about.

Boy George

This weekend we had a great house guest. Basset Hound George lives round the corner and came for a wee holiday whilst is mum and dad were away. He barks in his own home, in mine he sleeps like a log and eats and grumps about like the lovely old gent he is.

Rhu and Skye enjoy George's company - especially as he doesn't want to annoy them or play - just relax.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I Watch You, You Watch Me & We Are Run Together

Walking the wee family of Abbey, Wilf and Maggie (aka Eigg) is loads of fun. They are all so clever - by constantly talking to them and rewarding recalls with treats and praise their attention is kept on me, despite all the distractions of the outside world.

Having the same commands for all my dogs makes my life easier as well. Keeping commands common and easy is good for you and your four legged friend, its obvious when spelt out but so common to forget.