Bruff's Bark Blog: February 2014

Friday, 28 February 2014

A Big Thank You!

Rachel, Addison, Tom and Mads.
This is for Rachel who has been working at Bruff's Bark for the past few months, who is sadly leaving to go back to the States. She's been a big help, worked hard and will be greatly missed by everyone at Bruff's Bark; but especially by Rudi, Buster and Bertie!

If you are ever back in the capital and are missing the great weather and the four legged friends, you are very much welcomed back!

Some Fun with the Band Members!

Recently we've had some lovely weather and we thought we'd make the most of it with the Bruff's Bark Band.

So here's: Rhu, Skye, Winston, Cara, Rudi, Merlin, Daphne, Alfie and Maggie all making the best of the sun and having some fun!

And here's two friends who haven't seen each other in a while but still know how to play, here's Ruby and Floyd!

Next up, here's a little girl who just enjoys a good walk with Hilary, it's Midget!

And finally to round everything off, here's Yogi during his little stay over with Rhu and Skye.

Getting cozy next to the fire.

Bone, Check! Toy, Check! Sleepy Time, Zzzzz...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Puppy Training!

We've got a few videos to show you all of our most recent training session, and you get to see some of the new Bruff's Bark Band members in action!

We'll start with two new faces, Sophie and Midget! These two have both just started recently but are already showing off their skills.

Next up, we have a good round up of little dogs, here's Poppy - Jug -, Poppy - Miniature Poodle -, Elle and Maggie!
This lot have been before and are showing off a bit!

Finally, we have a little clip of what happens when boys will be boys after having fun and training, here's Baloo and Otto!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Little New Faces!

Yes it's time to introduce the new puppies that have joined Bruff's Bark recently and there is plenty of them!

First of we'll start off with a lovely girl named Elle. This blue staffie is just a little bundle of joy, and here she's meeting a famous face of Bruff's Bark - Skye!

Next up, it's a new sister to the already known Merlin, it's Daphne! She maybe small but she's supercharged with energy and happy to say hello to all!

We've got another sister, here's Tia's new sister, Rizzo! She small and fluffy at the moment but she's get big and probably Rudi's best friend!

Here's an unique girl in her breed, half Pug and half Jack Russell, a Jug; without further ado here's Poppy!

Finally, a chocolate labradoodle who's as smart as she's fluffy and breezing through the training, here's Maggie!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fun and Training!

There has been some favourable weather for some fun, though at Bruff's Bark we have a select few that will play in any weather!

But we'll start with some fun and training with Hilary and Ruby, she may be young but she's a smart cookie!

Next up, we have a fun loving pair, Sam and Oscar. Sam is a bit older but still loves a good run and play with the ball; Oscar is coming up for his first birthday and although he can be a timid, he just wants to be friends with everyone!

Finally, we have a little clip of a little dog, yet that size does not stop him when he's on the training course, here's Jaxson!