Bruff's Bark Blog: May 2014

Sunday, 25 May 2014

It's a Pug's Life!

We have another Pug - or as we have recently learned they are known as the Dutch Mastiff! - and he's a little young pup of 4 months!

Meet Frank!

This little man isn't afraid of anything or anyone and has happily made himself apart of the bigger dogs of the Bruff's Bark Band! We now have 5 Pugs - Winston, Rudi, Bertie, Basie and Frank - each with a different personality but full of energy and joy!

Pugs have been well known throughout history, the breed originating for China but becoming a well sought after dog by royalty in Europe in the 16th Century onwards.

Enough Pug business - for now - we have had some more sleepovers recently, starting with Cara, who is with Rhu and Skye at the moment. So she has been meeting some new doggy friends whilst on her little holiday from home.

So here is her new pals: Hugo, Maggie, Midget and Sophie.

And after some playing -  like rest of the dogs who stay over - Cara is ready for a good nap! 

But with all of the dogs in Bruff's Bark, we do love them and sometimes they show us affection back.


And finally here's another stay over, this time it's Oscar, who join Thumper for the night!


This is my bed right?

 And sometimes even the dogs have one of those mornings where they don't want to wake up!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

More Smiles!

We'll continue with some more happy faces, starting with Jay! This happy girl is quite content with a good ol' walk but secretly loves playing with a ball.

Happy Jay!

Next up we have Elmo, who's getting quite settled in: he knows where home is, his park is and is quite happy to wander about and find out who's been beforehand!
He is also quite happy to play with Hilary, his new best pal!

Finally, we have another new face to introduce, this time it's Red!

He's a big boy at the age of 2, a labradoodle with tons of energy and a passion to play. He now has a new bestie, a little girl with a pretty name, Bonnie - they may be different sizes but she can show him who's the boss!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A show of Smiles!

Yes, we've had some nice weather and with that comes happy dogs!
We'll start of with an older boy, who has been with us since near the beginning but is still full of energy and makes Addison work, here's Boomer!

Next up, we have a boy - with his lil' sister - who unfortunately had a infection in his eye for a while but is back in full health and full of energy, here's Merlin with Daphne!

No, they aren't that small, it's a very big ball!

Also here's a clip of him showing his happiness to be able to play again! - Daphne is just happy to sunbathe.

Then here's another little girl, who is full of beans for her favourite ball, it's Kari!

Finally, we'll round this up with a few more happy face, here's the regulars: Rhu, Skye and Winston!

Who's going to get the frisbee? No-one?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A new Face with a new Start!

We'd like to welcome a new member to the Bruff's Bark Band, but we have a tragic tale to tell before hand.

Courtesy of Any Dog 'il Do Rescue
This is Bobby*, he was rescued from Romania thanks to Any Dog 'il Do Rescue and he has a sad story being found in one of the public shelters there - which often means death for dogs - but thankfully he was taken out of the Public Shelter into proper care, where he was nursed to full health and given life saving surgery - his full story is here.

Now he's in Edinburgh, in the hands of a extremely caring couple and now going to spend the rest of his life in luxury and love. We are happy for his new start in life and we hope more people will look at saving dogs from shelters.

*He has happily been renamed Elmo!