Bruff's Bark Blog: July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Small and The Tall

Rhu and Skye had a surprise visitor staying over for half the day: Marley! The French Bulldog fitted right in with the girls and also got to befriend someone of a similar size: Winston!

Just Chilling.

Although it was over for a few hours Marley was with the girls having fun, it might have been a bit too much for him as you'll see!

Next we have two puppies though you'll hardly believe it when you see their sizes! Baloo - Saint Bernard - and Otto - Bloodhound - these two giants are only over 5 months yet tower above most dogs and are still growing! We have had them for training but we'd thought we'd let them have a bit of good old fun!

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Basics and Beyond!

Here is more videos of dogs in training, first off we have Rudi the baby Pug with his mum - only a few months old but he's got the makings of a champion!

Next up there is Monty and his brother; a clever collie, who is full of energy and has a passion to work hard. Unfortunately we don't have a flock for him to herd but we'll be training him to do more than the usual tricks!

Finally, here is a video of a fellow who knows what to do and does it - well most of the times - and he's known for his speed, Jack!

Guess who's back?


Yes it has been a while since we last had this girl out but now she's back to play and train! So how about a little video of Scarlett in action at a training session being taken through the ropes by her own sister!

In other happenings, Buster has been staying with Rhu and Skye for the past week and you'll see he's seem be chilled to the max - even with the passing influx of summer heat! Well  to be fair he has been having lots fun and working hard with the girls.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Training from the Trainee!

We currently have Lauren working at Bruff's Bark over the summer and although she's only been with us a little while she has been proving herself as a trainer and best pal among the Bruff's Bark members!

And here is another video with Lauren training with Betty, as you will see there is a strong bond between them.

And finally you may have noticed that some of our members have been wearing pink/purple bandanas, we have been giving these out for the dogs so they can been seen and recognised as Bruff's Bark members plus they look pretty awesome as Jack will show you.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Toby the Happy Monster!

Now Toby is a young lhasa apso who is full of beans and personality! He's always with a smile and ready to move, but as you'll see he's been a bit too much for the girls - Rhu and Skye!

He's tired out the girls an accomplishment not many could claim! This little happy monster also has a bit of a thing for Rhu as you'll see in the video!