Bruff's Bark Blog: October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Surprise Visit!

Hotel Bruff had another guest this week from a well missed 'little' bulldog, Oscar! The wee man is all grown up now and is still the same funny and playful dog as he was when he first joined Bruff's Bark. So let's get into the action!

We'll start off with him meeting Maggie for the first time and what a blast they had, though Oscar still hasn't ran out of steam yet!

He goes on to pester Skye for a bit to get someone to play with him.

The result:

Then finally he decides to help out around the house, one chore he loves is opening the mail and giving a good read before deciding it's for the bin.

And after a few days of excitement when Oscar finally gets home he then decides it's sleepy time.

In other news, we mentioned it a year ago about having a celebrity dog in our ranks and he has now moved on from the newspapers to the TV!
Yes we are talking about Rudi, he was again at the Animal Blessing service at Greyfriars Kirk this year and got some screen time!

Rudi checking that they got his best side!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

How time has flown!

We've been busy working hard and it's just came to our attention that we've missed how much some of our member's have grown over the past year!

Here's a short clip of Floyd of when he first came to training and how he's grown over the year! The shy little pup is now a big happy boy!

It's also time to note that it's now getting colder and wetter; where some of our member's don't mind, others hate it! So it's time to get those all important dog jackets on and today's model for them is Bonnie!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More Catch Up!

The dogs have it easy!
Yes, it's been pretty challenging but we are still here and ready to please! With some staff shuffling and lots of sweating, cycling and walking; we are still the hard working Bruff's Bark!

So we'll start off easy with some snaps of beautiful and lovable members!
We know some of them don't always see the camera but it doesn't mean we care for them any less - some are a bit camera shy! They come in small, big, young and old!

Left to Right: Midget, Floyd & Ruby, Lula, Elmo, Yogi, Harley, Laika and Bruno

Next up, we have clips of our Bruff's Bark Band members in action and working hard or taking easy as you'll see! Starring: Ruby, Floyd & Red and Lula!

Finally we'll round it off with some fun loving pugs: Frank and Rudi!

My photo!