Bruff's Bark Blog: April 2014

Sunday, 27 April 2014

This is Playtime!

The Bruff's Bark Band members are a very excitable bunch and can play rough but as you'll see it's all safe. We wouldn't let anything spoil a good run around with friends.

We've got a few clips together, starting with Bertie and Sophie - she's really coming out and enjoying every moment of it!
Then we have the Big Sisters: Tia and Rizzo joined by Midget and Maggie, showing size and age doesn't matter.
Finally, it's boy vs. girl, Bertie and Maggie, it's a test of endurance but full of joy!

We make sure that when our dogs play that they are safe and it's never let out of control. Playing should be a big part of a dog's life as it provides socialisation and exercise so we try to make sure all our dogs have a good time as much as possible - and here's the results!

Though a whole week of it can be a bit too much!

Don't want to get out of bed, mum.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Message for All Clients

We'd like to remind all clients to get in touch on Sundays - or before - to book their dog(s) in for the following week and for 'last minute' please could you give at least 48 hours notice - even if it's a temporary date that could be cancelled.

This is for both your dog(s) and other clients', as we do not want to disappoint anyone and let any dog down. As mentioned before we are entering a busy period with dog stay overs, so it's essential we know in advance so we can plan ahead and make all our dogs smile!

We'd like to apologise for the recent changes in Staff that you may have noticed, we have had a few unforeseen changes. We are working to correct this but it may take time as we want to make sure that anyone who come to work for Bruff's Bark is trustworthy by us and our dogs; is reliable and able to work to our standard. We share your frustration but we will sort this as soon as possible with as little temporary measures as needed.

Finally we'd like to thank you for your continued support of Bruff's Bark.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

An Action Packed Week!

It's been quite a week even with the Easter Holidays!
Let's start with Alfie who enjoyed staying with Rhu and Skye!

Well it was a long, hard week.
Alfie made himself right at home with the Girls, got into their routine and enjoyed meeting more than he bargained for! As he's now got a new best friend, Maggie! These two balls of fluff, hit it off straight away and were  inseparable at times.

But after all the good times, there was nothing more rewarding that a good nap for Alfie.

Next up, we had a birthday party for a special little man, it was his first birthday party and everyone came to celebrate and get cake!

It was Rudi's birthday on Thursday and we made sure that everyone dressed the part as well though some were more willing than other to participate - Buster and Bertie thought their hats were quite tasty!

And once the cake was known to all, chaos ensued!

Finally, Addison got more than he bargained for and had Maggie come visit him - twice! She got to take over his house and enjoyed every second of it!

Trying to become one with carpet.

Becoming friends with the big teddy!

Exploring caves.

Though in the end it proved too much at times and like the rest, she just had a good sleep!

We hope you all have a nice Easter and we'll be back into full gear next week with the return of holidays going dogs!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Goodbye George

It's with great sadness that we'd like to share the news of George passing on. He was an older gentleman, who was known to all about Boswall, who could be heard before seen and a great friend of Rhu and Skye. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's the Easter Holidays!

Which means some of the Bruff's Bark Band members are away on holiday unfortunately. So while we are a bit quieter, we will take this chance to show some faces that sometimes miss the spotlight!

Here we have Bertie with the usual group, joining the great fun of destroying toys!

Next, we have a dog that is also the master of camouflage, Chloe! She's got a lot bigger since that first time she stayed with the Girls!

Next up is a new face, a little black Labrador, who's name suits her very well, here's Bonnie!

Then there is the cheeky face of Yogi. He must be enjoying some of Addison's jokes!

Finally, here's a little man who will be joining Rhu and Skye for a stay over soon, it's Alfie!

Also we'd like to add that a calendar has been added to the Classes & Commands page with all the dates of when we have our Training Classes on. It will be constantly updated so always check when our next class is on!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Yes, the little lady had her first stay over with Rhu and Skye
The walk to the Girls' house was very enjoyable for them all, as Poppy took happily to the Girls and vice-versa - it was their first time meeting each other!
Like the rest of the dogs that stay over, they make themselves at home in no time!

Happy with a bit of bone.
Now there wouldn't be a night over with the Girls without a bit of playing! Poppy and Skye had a great time, Rhu kept to herself as per usual.