Bruff's Bark Blog: April 2012

Monday, 30 April 2012

Bruff Bands Together

Everyone has a toy except for the 'couple', Wilf and Abbey who are in a constant battle for the much loved throwing toy. Baby Maggie (aka Eigg) is growing quickly and will soon be a pretty lady like her mother.

How Many Dogs? How Many Walkers?

This was a fun outing I had with the wee family, Abbey, Wilf and Maggie (aka Eigg) and their pals,  Winston, Buster and Monty. Wilf plays really well with the other boys and the boys are very friendly and gentle with the puppy Maggie (aka Eigg). Friendships are so important to your dog and having that regular interaction makes trips out so much more fun and easy.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bruff's Bark Prices and Services List

It's high time I reposted this in case any new Bruffs Bark followers were wondering what our prices and services were.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Over the last couple of weeks, I have had to take Rhu to the vet and I know many other dog owners have had to as well.

By speaking to the vet, grass or mud seems to be why many dogs are sick and have had the runs. If you find your dog 'not themselves', starve them for 24 hours and make sure they have plenty of water. Check when you take them to the toilet that all seems ok.

If things go back to normal small meals and plain food such as chicken, rice or weetabix with water is good until they're 100% again.

If not get them to the vet immediately.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

And the Oscar goes to... Oscar!

Oscar is a stunning wee man, a 6 month old black cocker spaniel, he is full of beans and takes things in like a sponge. He wants to please, play and be there for snuggles.

This video shows some more fun I had with Oscar this week. I started putting commands into that fun and that's where PLAY becomes work (without anyone realising it). Play is the best way for a dog to learn, and it  gives you both a rewarding feeling.

His daddy wants to run with him up Arthur's Seat by the time Oscar is 8-9 months old. With play, running and bike riding Ozzy will be a fit and ready running buddy for his dad.

Motoring Moby

Moby is a 4 year old lab, who as you can see is a big boy. I have been working with him so he doesn't pull his poor mum and sister over. He doesn't know his own strength but he does want to 'work'.

By changing what Moby is used to I am able to move forward with him slightly quicker. He enjoys working, although like most males he gets distracted easily ;)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Family Fun Day

I had fun last week and this with the wee family. Abbey, Wilf and Maggie (aka Eigg) have been out and about.

Maggie (aka Eigg) loves being out and playing with her mum and dad helps her develop into a better dog. She is being told how to play, leave and toilet outside and not be worried about bikes, noisey cars, lorries and loud children.

This weekend we had a large family day out as I had my girls out with the wee family. Now to look at Maggie (aka Eigg) against Rhu and Skye you would think 'ooo', but no, my girls have taken to Maggie (aka Eigg) as if she was a wee sister.

Sad Times

This big boy was with me on a daily basis last year. Lennox (7 years old) was put to sleep at the end of March. Dobermans are prone to heart problems, but treated they can have a happy and healthy life and that's what Lennox had. He will be missed.

Now this was a shock for the owner and myself. I had been working with Casper for a couple of weeks when he was taken to the vet for just not feeling himself. He was given tablets and that was that. Over the weekend he became very ill and on 9th April he was put to sleep. Weimaraners do get twisted stomachs and neck and back problems. Poor Casper didn't complain and was a beautiful friendly ghost. I shall miss him too.