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Friday, 14 October 2011

Big Bad Buster

There he is, in all his chocolate glory! This young lad really puts a smile on my face, he just makes me laugh.

Buster came to me because of his naughtiness on the lead and his utter deafness to his mum and dad.

He went to puppy classes, which are great  until they grow a little bit bigger- like this wee man.

If you have more than one person walking the dog you should keep the commands the same.

Buster had lots of words that he knew but they were used all at the same time which confuses the dog.

I had Buster for 4 weeks and the difference on the lead is much better. He has ONE word for walking on the lead and when he is off the lead. By doing this Buster understands and enjoys his walks much more.

When working with the family I took some of them out and gave them the commands and worked with them so they got the same reaction from Buster.

It is not just working with the dog, it also working with the family or owner so that the dog succeeds.

I can't wait to see Buster working for his family and having fun!

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