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Monday, 21 May 2012

More House Guests!

It has been a busy busy couple of weeks. From doggies having sleepovers at my home to rushing dogs to vets.

I had the zippy Zero staying last week, darting about with the girls and the Bruffs Barks Band. We had Buster, Winston, Zero, Rhu and Skye out whipping through the long grass and in some cases eating the grass! Zero still races around with incredible speed. Such speed I never got a video of him this trip!

Oscar was here too for a fun five days with me and my girls. Skye is his best pal and they both had a great time. Rhu, ever the big sister, mucked in occassionally but was like the sibling visiting back from uni, putting up with the youngsters running amok underfoot. As I've said before Oscar's progress has been amazing. Dog training is so much easier on young dogs, especially when he has friends he can watch.

While I had Oscar staying over I had to rush Rhu to the vet one morning! She ripped her J Claw off whilst running - she was running on the bike path and caught her claw and suffered a painful injury. When she was in the vet she was a brave girl as she had to get the rest of the claw snipped off. Her recovery has been quick and the other dogs were very sympathetic towards her. It's not a common injury but it can happen on rough surfaces, that's why playing on grass is best but in a city these things happen. Just know it's not serious if dealt with quickly and simply.

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