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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A note to Clients

Due to the continued growth of Bruff's Bark, we ask all our clients to try give us advanced notice - usually on Sundays - for dog walks and plays so we can efficiently organise the week ahead.

We understand that unexpected things happens and that "last minute" walks are needed sometimes, but due to increased usage of our services, we ask our clients to give as much notice as possible in these events: To give us time to book in dog(s) and more importantly so we can give the best possible service to ALL our canine chums - as there can be interference with dog(s) already booked in advance.

Also during our holidays and the following week after them, Bruff's Bark will be unable to have any dog(s) staying over - unless under special request, well in advance - this is again so we can give the highest quality of service to ALL the dogs in the Bruff's Bark Band and so we aren't overwhelmed after coming back from some R&R.

We like to thank everyone for their continued support of Bruff's Bark!


Photos of Rhu and Skye on their holiday will be up soon!

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