Bruff's Bark Blog: Scout Hut Success with Dogs!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Scout Hut Success with Dogs!

When treats are about, so are ALL the dogs!
The weather has been pretty fine - though chilly on some days - so we've had the chance to take a select few of the Bruff's Bark Band members down to the Scout Hut for some fun in the sun - and don't they love it!

In the video you can see Rhu, Skye, Buster, Winston and Betty all having some fun! Also a new member of staff: Lauren!

Some water to help cool down after the fun!

Finally we'd like to share an embarrassing moment of Rhu - the poor girl - she had the unfortunate timing to be walking under a tree when some avian meanie decided to poo, luckily Rhu didn't seem to notice or care!

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