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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Puppies play, The Puppies learn!

It has been quite a busy time at Bruff's Bark with lots of new puppies starting and coming for training, so we'd like to show you some of the things they have been up and you'll see some familiar faces as well!
We've got Buster, Cara, Winston, Rudi, Otto, Ollie and Baloo all having a bit of fun!

Next up is the training time! We've got Monty working on perfecting his training and Scout - who stayed with Hilary, Rhu and Skye a few weeks back - coming to show us what he's remembered!

Finally it's been a long two weeks but Cara is finally back home from staying with Rhu and Skye. Although she loved it, we think she'll need a holiday herself for all the non-stop fun she's had!

Playing with Skye.
Shy for the camera!

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