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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exciting Times!

Yes it's been another busy few weeks at Bruff's Bark and things are really hotting up - unlike the recent weather - with new faces, training and good old fashion fun!

So let's start with one of the new members to the Bruff's Bark Band: Charlie!

Chillin' after some fun in the sun.
He's a 2 year old Belgian Shepherd cross, who gets really fluffy when his coat grows in! He's only recently joined but he's already spent a night with the Girls - Rhu and Skye - lucky him!

Making himself at home with the bones.
Relaxing with Skye.

Here is the new boy in action with long time member of the Band and his new friend: Jack!

Next up some footage from Training, starring: Alfie, Yogi, Ruby and Kai! This week was all about concentration and getting the course done correctly and not as fast as possible.

And finally to round off with some fun, starting with this little lady.

Kari - look at that smile!

And then the boys who probably will never grow up: Oscar and Rudi!

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