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Monday, 4 November 2013

Busy Busy Time!

We'll start with the introduction of two new members of the Bruff's Bark Band!

Floyd and Ruby!
Floyd is an Alsatian, Ruby a Collie, together they are the best of pals! Both still young pups but have boundless energy!

Floyd eyeing up his prey.

Ruby, just chilling.

Floyd, also chilling!

Next up is last weeks sleepovers - and there was a few!

First to stay over and his first night away from home! Here's Rudi with Rhu and Skye!

It's a tiring thing being with the Girls.

Second to stay but his first time with Thumper, here's Buster!

Ready for the night life!

Making himself at home.

The Guard Dog.

Sleeping with Mr Ted.
Here's some clips of Buster in action, playing with Mr Ted, meeting Thumper and playing down at Cramond!

Finally, but not his first time, here's Oscar staying with the Girls!

Hello Skye! 


Sleepy boy.

Feeling left out.
Although he's been before, doesn't mean he can't be mischievous!

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