Bruff's Bark Blog: May 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013

Some fun in the sun!

Here's some photos and videos of the Bruff's Bark Band in action from last week, when the weather was not too bad - especially compared to the predicted forecast for this week!

Here's Addison and Boomer out on their walk!

Addison, Lauren, Betty and Marley in the Sun!

Here is Marley showing us he can do a few tricks!


Betty wanting to be with her "mummy" Skye.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Scout Hut Success with Dogs!

When treats are about, so are ALL the dogs!
The weather has been pretty fine - though chilly on some days - so we've had the chance to take a select few of the Bruff's Bark Band members down to the Scout Hut for some fun in the sun - and don't they love it!

In the video you can see Rhu, Skye, Buster, Winston and Betty all having some fun! Also a new member of staff: Lauren!

Some water to help cool down after the fun!

Finally we'd like to share an embarrassing moment of Rhu - the poor girl - she had the unfortunate timing to be walking under a tree when some avian meanie decided to poo, luckily Rhu didn't seem to notice or care!

Puppy Play

Betty with her "Hoops".

Betty - ~7 month Rottweiler - has been joy to work with. Her boring walks have now been replaced with her new favourite toy: "Hoops".

By using this toy as a treat/reward she has learned how to:
  • 'Wait'
  • 'Down'
  • 'Bring It'
  • 'Leave'/'Thank You'
I have had the pleasure of working with Betty's sister and brother over the weekend, showing them that they can control and play with Betty without being pushed over. I have let them play and taught them 'careful' - which Betty already knows, this command slows her down and stops her being too boisterous. 

Cara with her ball.

Cara - ~7 month Lurcher - is all legs and tail. I have seen a great difference with when you work with her favourite toy a ball! She loves to run, but when you want her attention I use a short, sharp whistle and she comes running.
Keeping her attention is imperative as she loves to be with other dogs - even if they are at the other end of the beach or park!
I enjoy running with her, ' With Me' brings her in close and makes her concentrate on me.

Different pups have different attitudes, but as long as you give them praise and attention when they are good and steady discipline when they are naughty you will have a puppy who will be your best friend for life.

- Hilary

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

We've been quiet for a bit too long...

But we've been busy with all our canine friends and we have some exciting news!

Bruff's Bark now has a place for our own and all the Band members!
We are currently in agreement with the Scout Hut at South Trinity Road, therefore all our Band members will be able to come and play but all it will allow us to do more Training and Alternative Exercises - e.g. agility, flyball, etc.

We are also hoping to start up some fun summer classes for every dog and owner in the area!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Training and then Fun!

At Bruff's Bark, we make sure that training of any sort is the most important part of the walk and play, as you'll see the in the next two videos, Betty get her training then her play with Marley!

Finally here is Kari, ready to play her favourite game of letting the ball run down the hill!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Looks like Spring has came finally!

Merlin getting his tan on.

The weather is improving - slowly - hopefully come Summer the threat of rain will be long away for a while but for now at Bruff's Bark we are enjoying every bit of sun we can!

Knackered and yet only half way there!
Buster has now joined the ranks of our cycling dogs, although not as fast as Skye or Jack, his stamina and eagerness to run makes his a perfect canine to cycle with!