Bruff's Bark Blog: September 2013

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Holiday Notice

Just a little reminder that Hilary - with Rhu and Skye - will be on holiday from:
29th Sunday September to 5th Saturday October

So Tom - click for link to number -  be the person to contact for booking Walks and Plays and for any other concerns for the upcoming week.

Thank you!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wee Ollie and The Big Ones!

Ollie has his first stay over with Rhu and Skye, and how he had a fun time and proved himself to tough wee trooper! He showed no fear and jumped right in to play with the Girls and tired them out!

After all the playing he made himself right at home and joined in the Girls on usual activities in the house, like waiting patiently for Hilary or sleeping!

Nothing happening here - honestly!
Skye gets loves looking after pups but gets very tired - aww!

Finally, we have two big boys who have already been introduced: Baloo and Otto. Here's a video of them letting off some steam after this weeks training!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Puppies play, The Puppies learn!

It has been quite a busy time at Bruff's Bark with lots of new puppies starting and coming for training, so we'd like to show you some of the things they have been up and you'll see some familiar faces as well!
We've got Buster, Cara, Winston, Rudi, Otto, Ollie and Baloo all having a bit of fun!

Next up is the training time! We've got Monty working on perfecting his training and Scout - who stayed with Hilary, Rhu and Skye a few weeks back - coming to show us what he's remembered!

Finally it's been a long two weeks but Cara is finally back home from staying with Rhu and Skye. Although she loved it, we think she'll need a holiday herself for all the non-stop fun she's had!

Playing with Skye.
Shy for the camera!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Winston's Surprise Visit!

Well it isn't often that I - Tom - have dogs round at mine, usually always walking them but mainly due to this beast known as Thumper.

He's bigger than he looks!

But every so often I have a dog over for a few hours or nights, and this it was Winston it got the privilege to come over for a few hours and meet my bunny - unbeknown to him! Though unlike other dogs that have loved or ignored Thumper, Winston was actually scared of him! It might have been that they are similar sized or he had no idea what to but as you'll see, Winston couldn't even look Thumper in the eyes!

But this isn't to say Winston didn't have a fun time, s you'll see from the next few photos he had a bit too much fun!
Joining me on the laptop!

Doing some posing!

Soaked from playing down at Cramond! 

Taking over the bed now!

After all the excitement, Winston decided it was too much for him.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

When Little meet Large!

Oh what exciting times it is! With an influx of puppies, we are stumped to train them all but who should they best learn from than all the older dogs! So here we have introduced Oscar and Rudi to each other with the help of Rhu, Skye, Buster and Cara, the results are too enjoyable!

And after all the fun there is the walk home! The first day is fine but on the second day Oscar has seemed to had too much and insists on being carried!

But what fun walk wouldn't be without treats and when one dog gets a treat, the rest want one as well, least we have enough for everyone!

There is no escaping when they come!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Fun Dog Walk

Skye, Rhu and Bertie in the background! 

We'd love to thank everyone who came along to the EDCH Walk - we are sorry about the short notice - and to see what hard work they do. We hope that some of the lovely doggies that are the home now are in the process of getting a happy new home!

Here's a short video of the some of the Bruff's Bark Band - in the pink bandanas - at the Walk!