Bruff's Bark Blog: October 2013

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fun in the little Sun!

Looks like the weather is just going to get worse now, but at Bruff's Bark we are prepared for all weathers and we make sure our dogs are as well - though we know a few members of the band are a bit reluctant to come out in the less favourable conditions!

But thankfully there was some nice sun this week and we've got a video to share of some pups at play!

Sadly, Oscar didn't win but in the end Skye gave him the toy and you have never seen a bigger smile on any dog!

Finally, here's a photo of what happens when we bring the our band members home after a good walk and play!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Rudi the Blessed.

Rudi has recently been to a pet blessing service at Greyfriars Kirk and not only that, he also made it into the Evening News, Go Rudi! We all knew he was going places!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exciting Times!

Yes it's been another busy few weeks at Bruff's Bark and things are really hotting up - unlike the recent weather - with new faces, training and good old fashion fun!

So let's start with one of the new members to the Bruff's Bark Band: Charlie!

Chillin' after some fun in the sun.
He's a 2 year old Belgian Shepherd cross, who gets really fluffy when his coat grows in! He's only recently joined but he's already spent a night with the Girls - Rhu and Skye - lucky him!

Making himself at home with the bones.
Relaxing with Skye.

Here is the new boy in action with long time member of the Band and his new friend: Jack!

Next up some footage from Training, starring: Alfie, Yogi, Ruby and Kai! This week was all about concentration and getting the course done correctly and not as fast as possible.

And finally to round off with some fun, starting with this little lady.

Kari - look at that smile!

And then the boys who probably will never grow up: Oscar and Rudi!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Harvey's Weekend Getaway!

Making himself at home - on my bed!
Just catching up with on goings of everyone else, we nearly forgot to show of what happened when Harvey came over for the weekend to mine - Tom.

Well it was a busy weekend with training on the Friday and Saturday but the wee man got some special time with me and you'll see that the results speak for themselves!

My bed Harvey's Bed
His afternoon read was all a bit too much as well!
Couldn't even make it to his own bed!

All I did was take him for a few walks, play with him and feed him - honest! He was very taken with Thumper, though Thumper didn't share them and would blank him - Thumper is quite antisocial!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Girls' Holiday!

So now Hilary, Rhu and Skye are back from a well deserved rest and are straight back to working hard, but what exactly did they get up to in Dunbar?

Well we have a few sneaky photos of the girls doing what they do best!

Just arrived with mini Rhum!

It's chilly at night!


Out for walk with mini Rhum.

More walk photos.
Guard Dogs.

It's all a bit too much even on holiday for Rhu!
 Now let's see all the freedom and fresh air they got to experience!

Now all holidays these days wouldn't be complete without a video or two, so we've got a nice collaboration of clips!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

When the Girls are away...

The Boys will play!

Starring: Buster, Winston, Oscar and Rudi! These four brave boys have had to make due without Rhu and Skye for this week but as you'll see they are quite capable of making their own fun!

Next up, we have double trouble: Oscar and Oscar! Yes, two Oscars in the same park! Now we all know about the Bulldog Oscar but the other Oscar well he's something else!
Although he's quite big, he's only about 8 months old, a Labrador cross Portuguese Water Dog that's just full of energy and loves to play with others!
He's a new member of the Bruff's Bark Band!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oscar's Little Sleepover!

Now following on from Winston's visitOscar had been given the special treatment of not just visiting my [Tom] house and seeing Thumper but staying over night!

Now the wee man was in for a bit of a surprise when he came round, as I kept him busy and entertained and the results are great except...

He was too tired to stay awake for a nice photo! He did make himself at home though as you'll see - also tired to sleep in my bed!

Showing off his good side.

Now, no visit would be complete without meeting Thumper!