Bruff's Bark Blog: Holiday Snaps!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Holiday Snaps!

As you all know Hilary was on a short break away but where she go?
She went to the jolly and relaxing Netherlands but also the Bruff's Bark Mascot made it on board the flight as well!

So without further ado, here is some photos!

As you see the Mascot had a busy time from eating lots, meeting fellow canines, driving a barge, escaping the police with Hilary and finally having some time to enjoy a cool beer!

Also here is some more notable photos to be shown!
Arriving at Amsterdam's majestic train station.
Hints for drinks!
The old church in it's glory.
Back to Museum Square!

Joining Van Gogh. 
Loving the canal view!
Late afternoon but still looking good!
Jumping for a horse ride.
Photo opportunity with a Stag Do.

Hilary checking out some of the attractions.

And still dealing with dogs where ever she goes!

Outside the old church.

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  1. Bruffs Bark Baby loved his holiday! Got too go on many many many uses of the transport systems in the Netherlands. Got too see more than just Amsterdam. ;)