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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bark Life!

The sun is finally starting to show it's face more and it's getting a little bit warmer so we are finally able to have more fun with the dogs! Though don't let those two above say otherwise!

So let's start off with someones new haircut and it's quite a chop!

It's Elmo!
And someone else is getting into modelling career!

Oscar really liked the hat, honest!

Next up it's our little Pugstar and he's at it again getting into a magazine this time! In this month's Your Dog, it's Rudi!

Next we had a little visitor for the day at Hotel Bruff and as you'll see you can tell she enjoyed it! 

Juno getting able to sit on the manager's knees!
Bonding with Skye!

Finally for some action with little, large and in between. Here's Juno, Baloo and Rocky out for a play together! She shows no fear in the face of these two boys!

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