Bruff's Bark Blog: Spring is Here - Finally!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spring is Here - Finally!

Yes, it's heating up with the sun out and the kids are out of school for another holiday! It may be a bit quieter over this period but we are still working hard!

We'll start off with an adventure of two very similar dogs.

Juno and Fen!

These two are almost identical except in size and age but they are best of friends. Hilary took they two on a big walk and we've got some footage of the fun!

Next up we've had a visitor to Hotel Bruff for a night, he's a big boy but he has known the Girls for years, it's Buster!

Everyone waiting for dinner, patiently.

Finally after a long and exciting day with Rhu and Skye, Buster has fallen asleep gracefully in Hilary's Bed!

Though the Girls aren't one to share her bed either!

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