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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Doggy News

So it's been pretty busy in the world of dogs recently, so let's start with the important news!

Source: BBC News
Some of you might have done it to protect your dog(s) from getting lost or taken but now it's law! Yes, microchipping your four legged friend is now law! So if you know someone who hasn't chipped their dog or you haven't done it yourself, get it done as soon as possible! As there is a fine of up to £500!

Next up, related to the previous news, is the exposure of 'Land of the Strays' in Costa Rica. This is about Territorio de Zaguates, a dog haven that's run in by volunteers to take care of the countries strays. With over 900 dogs in the shelter, it take a lot of hard work and some big walks to make sure every pooch is taken care off! Full story here.

Source: Telegraph
Finally, a heartwarming story about a truly remarkable dog, Lucca the 12 year old German Shepherd who has been awarded the PDSA Dickens Medal for her bravery and loyalty. She puts some of the Bruff's Bark Band to shame, who just fear going out in the wind and the rain!

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