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Friday, 18 November 2011


Now this big boy is a favourite of mine. He takes me back to where I am happiest- Costorphine Hill.

Because the weather has been so good the trees and paths up there are lovely.

He is a 9 year old Alsatian male who is a joy. He was a rescue! Had a very tough time when he was growing up, his new owner have loved him to the dog he is today. He had a few medical problems when he arrived, one being his food, he was unable to eat.  Because he was kept out side with little or no food he would eat the mud and the grass. This upset his tummy a lot. So when his new mummy and daddy took him home to his safe warm INSIDE home they spent 18months getting his tummy under control.  He has a diet of a bone and mixed dog food. It works he is happy healthy dog, it takes time for any dog or person to settle into a new environment. 

Slowly and carefully is the best way.

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