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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Canine Care

Rhu sleeping soundly.

Looking after is more than just feeding and exercising; it's also looking out for their health and well being. Which is hard as we would all do our best for out dogs if they could just tell us if exactly what's wrong.

But don't fret as all dogs show signs if something is wrong and it's up to the owners to look out for them all the time. One of the obvious signs - yet not the nicest - is what comes out of a dog.  If they are going too often or too little, discolouration, blood, etc. - exactly like us humans - then it shows they've either ate something that isn't good for them or their diet needs to be changed.

Another sign of a dog not feeling well is that they'll show less enthusiasm to walks or play, sleeping more or less, weight gain or loss, etc. - again exactly how humans act when feeling down or unwell. These changes may be due to events in the house hold - dogs react to their owners -, changes in environment, mourning, lack of exercise - mental and physical -, etc.

 To conclude always look out for your dog both in the house and outside. Make sure they are receiving enough exercise with the right diet and that their environment isn't disturbing them. But if you have any concern - even the slightest - that it might be a bit more serious: Go see your vet as soon as possible.

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