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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Toys and Families

We have been quite busy over the past few weeks with new dogs joining the Bruff's Bark Band but also we've also got new toys for all the dogs! Toys are very important in the a dog's life and no matter what breed there will always be a toy for the them to enjoy. They provide enjoyment, exercise - physically and mentally - and most importantly help create a natural bond between canine and owner. It's best to remember not to overwhelm your dog with too many toys as they'll not know what to do with them all.

As you can see above Moby is enjoying the new Colossal rope we've got but even Merlin, Abbey and Eigg - who are all shorter than it - enjoy it! But keep in mind that toys should be taken away when the play has ended and they should be used as treats. We have a certain chocolate Labrador who likes to bust up our toys much to our displeasure.

Secondly - though the most important of all - dogs should know their family and their position in it. Either in a single dog or multiple dog household, there should and must be a hierarchy in which the dog(s) are at the bottom of it - even below other family pets! Dogs are natural to pack leadership, the owner must always be and act as a leader. Dogs who believe they are the pack leader will become troublesome and possibly aggressive to other canines.

As you can see from these photos there is a general feeling of who's the top dog: Abbey is showing her dominance to the rather posing Eigg and Starsky is showing his by checking on Hutch who constantly looks up to his brother.

Once a dog knows their place, there will be times when they will challenge either the owner or other dogs in the house for dominance - this is natural of pack animals. Always remember to show them that you are the boss and harmony will return.

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