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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bruff's Bark would like to say...

Thank you to all the dogs and support over the past year, we hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a fun New Year!

We hope 2013 will be bigger and better - more dogs and more fun!

Bruff's Bark is still available over this festive period, so get in touch if you'd like us to come pick up your prized pooch for walks and plays! - we do hope none of the Bruff's Bark Band have pigged out this Christmas or it will be extra walkies for them!

Again thank you to everyone!

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  1. milllie our year old griffin x boston terrier loved her time at bruffs bark and she behaves alot better as she used to go for anything that moved,now with the fantastic help from bruffs bark our beloved pooch is a joy to go walks with and we cant thank Hilary and Tom enough thanks very much guys.Tracy,Kirsty and Millie