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Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Little-Big Adventures of Bruff's Bark

We start this adventure with Millie meeting Cara and Baxter. Millie is nearing her first birthday and she is a lovely little Boston Terrier cross Griffon Bruxellois, who just loves to run and meet new friends, though shy at first.

Millie's next adventure includes Winston, Buster, Max, Monty and Ruby! As you can see Millie and Max became quite friendly and it was there first time meeting each other!

Our final big adventure of the week included little Scarlett, Bailey, Saskia and Kropka. Bailey   as a big friend of Scarlett made sure she was safe at all time by checking on her every time she was on the move, but Scarlett was having a blast meeting Saskia and Kropka.

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  1. Saskia, Scarlett and Kropka look great together :)
    they had so much fun on Friday!