Bruff's Bark Blog: March Madness

Saturday, 16 March 2013

March Madness

For a few days this week we've been seriously wondering which season we are currently in now, but nevertheless we continued on through the blizzard conditions to the warm sun come the end of the week but not without loads of videos of our furry friends!

We start with Bailey, Jack, Scarlett and Betty in the best of the blizzard!

Here we have Chloe enjoying the weather to the max, almost camouflaged in the snow!

Thirdly we have Rhu, Skye, Buster and Winston enjoying the cold but calm weather.

Finally we have Kari - a new start to the Bruff's Bark Band - enjoying a good play in the aftermath of the awful weather!

Also we have received our Dog Walking permits from the Council!

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