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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Let the Training Begin!

The course set for the basics.

We have jumped straight into training for the newbies joining Bruff's Bark, we had our first session this Friday and we have to say it went very well. We had Jamie, Lauren and Katie all eager to see the basics of Bruff's Bark Training, with Hilary showing how and what to do. 

Rhu, Skye and Zero were the dogs we used for this session - although Zero was a bit apathetic to training compared to the girls. We started from the basics of Sitting, Staying, Waiting and Coming then a bit of fun of weaving In and Out between training poles.

More training sessions and fun will be on the on it's way with more and other dogs!

Hilary getting everyone's attention.


Here's some photos from Betty's training session with her brother and sister, everyone is so happy and having fun!

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  1. Most dogs instantly stop barking because they can't sniff and lick the treat while barking. During this quiet time praise her continuously - - "Good girl, stop barking, what a good quiet dog you are, good dog . . ." After 3 seconds of no barking, let her have the treat.