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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Round Up, Round Up!

We've been busy enjoying the summer weather that we forgot to introduce some new members of the Bruff's Bark Band!

Basie - a.k.a. Sooty - on the left, Berty on the right.

Firstly, we've like to introduce to you all to this lovable pair: Berty and Basie! Although they are similar to the point of they are exact doubles, Berty is actually about 4 years older than Basie! These two are happy to just walk together but they do love a bit of playing and both are smart little pugs!

Just chilling after a good play.

Secondly, here is a young cheerful chap full of energy, Max! This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just loves to run in the tall grass and play - as you'll see from video.

Also we have new business cards and posters - which will be put up soon -, so keep your eyes open for them! 

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