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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scout, Scout, lovable Scout...

He's soft and cuddly, and smiles alot!
Yes that happy looking dog there is Scout, a puppy Labrador, who has spent the last week staying with the girls - Rhu and Skye. At first he was a bit weary of the girls but then he settled in like the rest of them and ended up treating Skye as mum - Rhu on acted like an aunt, sometimes.

So here's a video of Rhu, Skye, Scout, Buster and Cara all playing together and with the new equipment we have got: a tunnel and hoop jump!

And after all the fun he's been having with the girls and new friends, Scout finally decided to get a good night's rest!

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  1. Scout had such an incredible time: Four days on and he's still missing Rhu and Skye! It was a real comfort to us knowing that he'd have one-on-one treatment while we were away, since he's still quite young and in need of attention.

    Didn't know he'd be so good with the obstacle course - might just have to pick up one of those tunnels ourselves! Arrived back to find an elated dog, and walked away with a rather dashing Bruff's bark bandana to boot - what more could you ask for?

    Can't thank Hilary and everyone else enough: Scout will definitely be back to visit very soon!