Bruff's Bark Blog: The Summer is ending...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Summer is ending...

And the kids are back to school but we'd like to give a big thank and shout out to Paul and Lauren for their help over the summer, they were a giant help and all the dogs will miss them. We would definitely have them back in a flash but we wish them all the best in the next term of school!
So now it's back to the hard work and we have some good news: we have a significant number of new dogs joining the Bruff's Bark Band and all new equipment for training! 
So keep your eyes peeled for them in the coming weeks!

But as a little preview, here's one of them: Oscar the puppy Bulldog with big Buster!

And finally here a short video of cute coupling playing: Merlin and Cara!

Merlin looking good in his Bruff's Bark Bandana!

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