Bruff's Bark Blog: The Little New Faces!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Little New Faces!

Yes it's time to introduce the new puppies that have joined Bruff's Bark recently and there is plenty of them!

First of we'll start off with a lovely girl named Elle. This blue staffie is just a little bundle of joy, and here she's meeting a famous face of Bruff's Bark - Skye!

Next up, it's a new sister to the already known Merlin, it's Daphne! She maybe small but she's supercharged with energy and happy to say hello to all!

We've got another sister, here's Tia's new sister, Rizzo! She small and fluffy at the moment but she's get big and probably Rudi's best friend!

Here's an unique girl in her breed, half Pug and half Jack Russell, a Jug; without further ado here's Poppy!

Finally, a chocolate labradoodle who's as smart as she's fluffy and breezing through the training, here's Maggie!

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