Bruff's Bark Blog: Summer Lovin'

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Summer Lovin'

The weather has given us the best of tropics recently from the glorious sunshine to absolute downpours but we can't complain there is still some sun!

So we'll start off with some photos of all our lovely dogs in all weathers!

From Top Left: Floyd, Scarlett, Yogi, Boomer, Bonnie + Chloe and Ruby

Here we have some action with Hilary and Poppy!

Oscar down at Gypsy Brae.

Jack looking for horses at Blackhall.
Next up, we have another guest at 'Hotel Bruff', this time it's Bertie! This cheeky chap has been before but he's here for two week this time!

Breaking all the rules and eating whilst on the furniture!
Nothing happened here, honest!
Quality time with Skye.
Here's Skye and Bertie having a good old play in the house.

Finally we have a surprise visit from a boy who makes everyone laugh and is a friend to all, it's Oscar!

The Girls have missed him a lot!

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