Bruff's Bark Blog: Time for a Close Up!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Time for a Close Up!

The weather has some times proved too much for our Bruff's Bark Members but it also provides the perfect time for some photo opportunities!

Starting from the top left, we've got the poser Bertie, then we've got two newer members: Guanche and (Mr) Bradley showing some good smiles!

Then we've got Rudi having a good nap after a good time playing in the sun, next up is Maggie showing her fierce face - real model material there!
Following is Kari and Merlin & Daphne all chilling in the good weather.
Finally the last two, the heat has proved too much for Oscar then it's Rhu as per usual enjoying not doing much!

Then it's time for our big boy with loads of joy, it's Red! He may be big, full of beans but this boy is just a super-sized pup, wanting to play, meet new friends and a gentle giant at heart!

Finally after 2 weeks with the Girls, Bertie is finally back home to enjoy some peace and quiet. He's never stopped, from meeting other members and going to new places, he'll need a holiday to recover! 

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