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Friday, 8 August 2014

The Dog Years!

It's been said that 1 human year equates to 7 dog years, but recent studies have shown this to be wrong. They show that it varies between both sizes and breeds of dogs.

Here's recent article on the subject.
For a quick calculation:

For first two years:
  • 12.5 years per human year for the first two years for small dogs
  • 10.5 years per human year for the first two years for medium-sized dogs
  • 9 years per human year for the first two years for large dogs
For years 3+:
  • Small: Dachshund (Miniature) 4.32, Border Terrier 4.47, Lhasa Apso 4.49, Shih Tzu 4.78, Whippet Medium 5.30, Chihuahua 4.87, West Highland White Terrier 4.96, Beagle 5.20, Miniature Schnauzer 5.46, Spaniel (Cocker) 5.55, Cavalier King Charles 5.77, Pug 5.95, French Bulldog 7.65
  • Medium: Spaniel 5.46, Retriever (Labrador) 5.74, Golden Retriever 5.74, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 5.33, Bulldog 13.42
  • Large: German Shepherd 7.84, Boxer 8.90
Also if you are fan of the oldies - aren't we all? - here's a nice article on some dogs who have lived past 100 years!

And if you want to check how old you are in dog years in the breed(s) of your choice, check here!

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