Bruff's Bark Blog: The End of the Summer Holidays

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The End of the Summer Holidays

Yes, the Summer Holidays are coming to an end soon but it doesn't mean the fun is going to stop! All it means is we are going to be back to full steam with all our Band members coming back in their usual routines!

But here's what's been happening recently!

Maggie has been staying at Hotel Bruff with the Girls and what a ball she has been having!

More Hoofs!
Enjoying the sun with - of course - a hoof!

There has also been the usual fun and games when we've got all the Band members together for a play! So here we have: Rhu, Skye, Floyd, Maggie, Tess, Frank and Winston!

And finally we'll end with what happens when the members enjoy the sun too much!

Left to Right: Jack; Bonnie & Chloe, Merlin; Rhu, Skye and Maggie


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